MooGoo Acne Cleansing Moisturiser Review



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Happy Thursday! I’ve had such a productive day today with revision and I’m feeling quite positive about my exams, of course ask me on Monday and I’m sure it will be a different story, haha. My aunt is coming over tomorrow from Ireland and is staying for the weekend to celebrate mine and mums birthdays which are next week, so I’m really looking forward to that!

I am 18 next Thursday and I would like to do a post to commemorate it, the problem is I am stuck with what to do, so I would be super grateful if you guys could give me some ideas! Please email me, or comment below with any suggestions!

But today I am sharing a review of my new Holy Grail product, MooGoo Acne Cleansing Moisturiser! So I got this about a month ago and I would be lost without it now, it’s done wonders for my skin and I can’t rave about this product enough.


This is a lovely moisturiser, it hydrates your skin so well without making it oily. It’s quite rich and works best if you apply it to damp skin and massage it in. It works really well with both oily and dry skin and leaves it feeling so soft!

I have primarily been using this product on my back, chest and shoulders because I get quite bad acne on these areas while my sister has been using this on her face. I have tried numerous products and methods that are meant to reduce and prevent acne and haven’t found any that work for me, most have either done nothing or have caused even more breakouts but this product has cleared my skin so much. In the month I’ve been using it I have had less breakouts, less inflammation and my back, chest and shoulders are almost completely clear, I couldn’t be happier and I would actually feel comfortable enough to wear something that didn’t completely cover these areas!


I don’t have a before shot, but my whole back used to be covered in angry red spots, most of the blemishes in this photo is scarring.

Another thing I love about this product is that they use natural ingredients, and actually explain what each ingredient is and does on the website! I love this because having sensitive skin means that putting products with lots of chemicals in them can be a worry but I love knowing I don’t need to worry about this with this product.

It is £12 which could be considered a bit pricey for a moisturiser but I 100% think this is worth the money, I would actually pay more for this product and I am more of a cheap and cheerful girl, so that should show just how much I love it!

As well as the product itself being awesome, the customer service is also brilliant! There was a glitch when we came to paying but their customer service team were incredibly helpful and had us all sorted within 24 hours of us contacting them, and in all honesty it made me like MooGoo even more.

Overall this is one of the best skin care and acne products I have tried and I will definitely be a loyal user from now on, I can’t recommend this enough and I would suggest that anyone with acne gives this a go. I couldn’t love this product any more, so head over to MooGoo now!

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Nighttime Skin Care Routine


Hi guys!

I hope you’ve all had a fab Wednesday! Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@thepineappletartblog) will already know that I had a wonderfully relaxing spa day with my mum. I’ve never been to a spa before but it was such a treat and I loved every minute of doing nothing and being lazy, especially when a back massage was involved, haha. 

So today’s post is about my nighttime skin care routine, I never really cared about my skin before, as long as it wasn’t too spotty I didn’t care but recently I’ve become much more interested in skin care and now have a routine I follow religiously (except maybe on a Friday night where I’ve been super lazy and left washing my face until 11 or later which means just a basic scrub). 

I shower every night, excluding one night over the weekend if I’m not heading out the next day, which means that my night time skin care routine rarely changes and is much more effective, it also means I can look after my whole body rather than just my face which is something I find very important because of how sensitive and dry my skin is.



CleanseI love Simple products and they are my go to because of how sensitive my skin is, I either use this exfoliating wash or their moisturising face wash, this is the first part of my skin care routine, I simply scrub my face with this and rinse off.  


Exfoliate-This step is one I only do every other day, I’ve found exfoliating really helps my skin and has significantly reduced the number of breakouts I have, I use this Champneys facial cleansing system to exfoliate. It comes with two heads, the softer one I use on my face by rubbing it in circular motions, the second head I use along my shoulders, chest and back, it really reduces any acne that I get in those areas too. 


Toner-This is a really new thing for me, I pat my face dry and the apply toner all over it with a cotton pad in an upward direction. I’ve noticed that this really helps to minimise my pores and also makes my skin much softer. 


Moisturise-So this is the final part of my nighttime face routine, I use the Simple hydrating moisturiser because it is so good for dry skin and isn’t greasy or oily which works so well for me because I have combination skin, I apply this generously all over my face and down my neck. 



Wash-I use the Dove Silk  body wash, I’ve found it’s really good for sensitive skin, plus it smells so good!


Exfoliate-I love the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, I use it every night all over my body and it’s helped my skin so much, it’s really good for getting rid of dry skin, I find it helps to reduce my eczema, and it leaves my skin so smooth!


Moisturise-I have two steps to moisturising, first I use a general moisturiser, I’m a big fan of using aqueous cream* because it is really good for dry skin, I just apply this all over my body. The second step is coconut oil, this is great stuff, it’s brilliant for everything, but it’s great for dry skin and eczema, you can apply it all over but I tend to just apply it to particularly dry areas of skin just to give it an extra bit of hydration.

*I have just been informed by the lovely skin beauty heart that there has been research showing that aqueous cream is bad for eczema, I’ve always found it works well for me personally but you can read the article here

So there is my nighttime skin care routine! What products do you use? Comments and feedback welcome!



Favourite Skin Care Products


Hi guys!

I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far, I was back at school for today and I feel like I need another week off already, haha, but just 5 weeks until the next holiday! Later this week I will be uploading a post for the Liebster award, which That Geeky Girlfriend nominated me for, definitely check out her blog, I absolutely love it and I’m sure you will too! You can expect that post to be uploaded on Thursday if all goes to plan, so keep an eye out.

Today though I am sharing with you my top skin care products! I mentioned in my New Year resolutions post that taking better care of my skin was something I wanted to do this year, I definitely have improved my skin care routine already, so I’m going to kick start sharing my skin care routines and finds by sharing my favourite products with you!


1.Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash-I am a huge fan of Simple products and this is by far my favourite face wash, I have sensitive skin, particularly on my face, but this leaves my skin feeling super nourished, refreshed, and so soft, it’s definitely the best face wash I have tried.


2.Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser-Another Simple product, this is my favourite moisturiser, it leaves my skin so hydrated without making it oily, I have tried alternative brands but they just aggravated my skin and caused it to become really dry and breakout but I haven’t had any problems with this product. My skin feels really soft after using it, and I find it great for my sensitive skin.


3.Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands + Stronger Nails Hand Cream-This is such an amazing hand cream! My hands get really dry in the cold weather and I also get some light eczema on parts of my hand but this hand cream is the best way I have found to deal with both of those in one go. It’s lovely and rich and leaves your hands really moisturised. Plus, a bonus is that it does make your nails stronger, which is brilliant if you have stupidly weak nails like I do! I can honestly say I have yet to find a hand cream I prefer or one that works better for my skin.


4.Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Scrub-I use this product every two days all over my body, it’s so good for sorting out dry skin as well as things like back acne etc. It’s definitely an essential part of my skin care routine and I would highly recommend it if you suffer from dry skin and/or acne on your back, shoulders etc. I have found that it massively helps me to reduce breakouts in those areas and leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth. It also smells amazing!


5.Facial Cleanser-I have the Champneys facial cleansing system, while I no longer think that the product is available from their website, I still love this style of product. I’ve found that it really helps to sooth my skin and prevents me from getting spots, I use this product every 2 days because I have found that over use can actually cause my skin to breakout more, but using it every other day has led to me having much smoother and clearer skin, I would definitely recommend investing in a product such as this, it has helped to improve my skin so much! This product actually came with a second slightly rougher brush which I have found to be great for using on areas such as the back and shoulders where the skin is usually less sensitive, this is another product that I have found to be really useful in reducing and preventing back acne.


6.Oilatum Shower Gel Fragrance-Free for Eczema-I can’t even begin to express my love for this product, those of you with eczema will know how irritating and uncomfortable it can be, this product works so so well for me and massively reduces the itchiness and irritability of my skin, while it doesn’t always stop it completely, depending on how bad my skin is, I have found that is always makes it more bearable and less irritating, this is such a huge essential for me and is something that I have incorporated into my daily routine because of how well it works for my skin.

So there are my favourite skin products, what are some of your favourite products? I’d love to hear any recommendations, comments and feedback welcome!



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Gillette Venus Proskin Sensitive Razor Review


Hi guys!

I hope you’re all well and are having a good week! I have no school this week so I’m thoroughly enjoying being off and having a less than productive week, haha, but it’s not all been a waste so far because the girls and I have organised our girls holiday, yay! Now we just need to get through the next few months and get our exams out of the way and we’re there!

Today I’m sharing a slightly different product review with you, rather than makeup I’m going to be focusing on a different type of beauty product, razors. As I mentioned before I have very sensitive skin and suffer from eczema on my arms and legs which can make finding products that work well for my skin more difficult. In the next week I will be sharing my favourite skin products with you so keep an eye out!

So I bought the Gillette Venus Proskin Sensitive razor before Christmas and I really like this product. It’s really is good for sensitive skin, because my legs are so sensitive I have found that the majority of razors I’ve tried cause my legs to break out in a really bad rash and become super irritated, but I haven’t had this problem with this razor! While my legs can still become quite irritated if I rush shaving, using this razor really has prevented this and as long as I take the time to shave properly I have no irritation!


This razor also has 5 blades which makes for a lovely close shave. The 5 blades means that you’re able to shave even the shortest hairs which leaves your legs feeling so smooth. The head of the razor moves to follow the shape of your leg which makes shaving around your knees so much easier, this is another huge plus. The extra moisture strip also allows for a smoother shave and helps to prevent irritation.


Another great feature this razor as is the handle, it has a cushioned effect which makes the razor much easier and more comfortable to hold.

The only downside to the product is the price! It’s pretty pricey at £10.50 for the handle and cartridge and then £18.99 for 6 refills, this is more than I would ideally like to spend on a razor but I do feel it’s worth it for me because my skin has been so much better after shaving since using this product.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product, it’s the best razor I’ve tried and makes shaving a much more pleasant experience for me because of the reduced irritation. Great product!

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