My Favourite Hair Products

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Hello lovelies!

We’re nearly halfway though the week! I’ve finally finished school for the holidays which is so exciting, I’m so unbelievably relieved for the break, and I know many of you will be feeling the same!

So today I’m sharing my favourite hair products, my hair is super long as well as being quite thick so I try to look after it as best I can. I rarely use heat on it to try and protect it as much as possible and I also tend not to use too many products in it because I don’t feel like it’s necessary on a daily basis; but here are my favourites from the products I do use:


1.Wella Oil Reflections-I love this product, I apply it to my hair when it is damp, and on a really bad day when it’s dry too, to minimize the frizz that comes with letting my hair dry. I love this product because it reduces frizz so much, leaves my hair really soft and also doesn’t make my hair greasy, plus it gives it an amazing shine! This is an absolute winner for me!


2.Batiste Dry Shampoo-This is my holy grail hair product, I genuinely don’t know what I would do without it. It works so well and removes any sign of grease, the fact they have specific dry shampoos for different hair colours is great, when I had dark hair I found the brunette one was brilliant and didn’t leave any noticeable residue that the regular one can leave if you have dark hair. This is such an essential for me and has made my life so much easier, they also smell really nice!


3.L’Oréal Elnett Hairspray-I rarely use hairspray but when I do this is my go to. It holds my hair so well without making it sticky or very crunchy like so many others do. It brushes out really easily which is another bonus, and it also adds a lovely natural looking shine to my hair!


4.L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo-This is a newer purchase but it’s quickly become one of my favourites. I’ve noticed that my roots are already less oily and my ends are less frizzy, it absolutely does what it claims to do. My hair feels amazing since I’ve started using it, it’s the best shampoo I’ve tried, the conditioner is also one of my favourites.


5.Paddle Brush-I don’t know if you can technically call this a hair product but I’m putting it in here anyway, I love my paddle brush. It’s brilliant for so many types of hair, and I consider it an absolute necessity, it means that my hair doesn’t frizz as much and it enables me to brush my hair much easier, I have a history of getting bushes stuck in my hair (thanks mum for freeing me so many times!haha). If you haven’t got one already I seriously suggest investing!

So there are my favourite hair products, what are yours? Comments and feedback welcome!





Messy Fishtail Braid Buns Tutorial


Hi guys!

I hope you’ve all had  good Sunday and a good Mother’s Day! We’ve had a great day in my house for Mother’s Day , Jess and I (mostly Jess, my cooking skills are rather limited) cooked a nice brunch and we went to the cinema this afternoon to see ‘Hail, Caesar!’ which was actually really enjoyable!

So today I’m sharing a hair tutorial with you! I haven’t shared one of these in ages but hopefully I’ll start to get more up! Today’s one is messy fishtail braid buns, I love braids and buns so this is definitely one of my favourites and is actually super easy and quick to do, so here it is!


1.First put your hair in two low pigtails just behind your ears.


2.Next you need to braid each pigtail into a loose fishtail style, this is done by splitting the section of hair in half, and pulling a smaller amount of hair from the outside of the right section over the top of the hair and into the inside of the left section, keep doing this until you run out of hair.

fishtail 2.jpg

3.Once your hair is braided you need to thicken it out slightly, you can do this by simply pulling the each side of the braid outwards, this helps to make it a bit messier, with this style the messier the better!


4.The last part of this style is to wrap it round your hairband pinning the braid in random places; if you want it to look a bit messier, once you’ve pinned it you can pull some parts of the braid out further, give it a spritz with some hairspray and you’re done!

So there is my messy fishtail bun look! If any of you have requests for tutorials please let me know as I’d love to hear them! Comments and feedback welcome.





Easy Everyday Waves Tutorial


Hi guys!

I hope you all had a great weekend and a good Monday!

Today I’m sharing with you one of my go-to hairstyles, I love love love this hairstyle because it’s so incredibly easy, quick, and involves no heat! I I am always so pleased when I find a heat free hairstyle that works really well because I hate using straighteners, curling tongs etc. on a regular basis because it absolutely wrecks my hair. I’ve done variations of this style for several years and this is the best method I’ve found to get natural looking waves that stay all day. Any comments and feedback are welcome!


1.I would recommend doing this on damp to dry hair, however, if you have fine hair or ages to leave it, it does also work with wet hair. So the first part of this is to simply braid freshly washed hair in one  braid down your back and leave it overnight


2.And the second and final part to this tutorial is to take out the braid in the morning, if you are worried about the waves holding you can run straighteners over the braid a couple of times just to set it more, but I personally don’t find this to be necessary, then spray it lightly with hairspray and you’re done! (Easy, I know)

So that’s my super easy, no heat everyday waves method! It’s definitely a go to for those days when you know you’re busy or when you’re just feeling lazy, definitely a favourite, let me know what you think if you give it a go!



Ten-Second Top Knot Tutorial

IMG_3589 (2)

Hi guys!

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for a ten-second top knot! As you may have guessed I love quick and easy hair and make-up; while I do love to spend a considerably longer amount of time doing my hair and make-up on weekends, I find that during the week all I’m interested in is something hassle free that still looks good. Since I leave the house at 7:30 every morning I find that easy buns are my go to, and this ten-second top knot looks lovely and is super quick! Not only is this bun good for convenience purposes, it is also a good style for those with long hair, like myself; it holds all your hair in place and leaves it with a great wave once you take it out. Definitely a favourite!


1.First put your hair up into a simple ponytail and split it into two sections and twist the first section tightly.


2.Pin the top of the twisted section to your hairband, this helps to keep the hair in place and prevents any irritating bumps when you’ve finished the bun.


3.Then wrap the twisted piece of hair round the ponytail and pin in place.

IMG_3590 (2)

4.Repeat these steps on the second half of the ponytail and you’re done!

So like I said a really quick and easy hairstyle! Any comments and feedback are gladly welcomed!



Top Tips for Growing Out a Fringe

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Hi guys!

I thought I’d share with you my tips for growing out your fringe as this is something I am currently doing; I have had a full fringe for 4ish years and have finally decided to commit to growing it out. While this is a lengthy process I have found a few things really help to keep your fringe under control while getting past the awkward stage without getting a haircut.

  • Invest in bobby/hair pins-These are a life saver! They are so good to keep your fringe out of your face and secure your hair quickly, while you’re growing out a fringe these will become your new best friend. Bobby pins work really well both when your hair is up and down to just clip your hair out of your way, most of the time I just pull my fringe back and secure it with 3 or 4 pins; so you really can’t go wrong if you use them. If you only take one thing from this post, I really hope it’s how useful bobby pins are when growing out your fringe.
  • Use hairspray-Like bobby pins, hairspray is great for securing your fringe when it’s pinned back; it massively helps to keep your fringe in one place and stops any shorter bits, which you’re bound to have at the beginning, from coming free and decorating your forehead.
  • Braids-French braids in particular, french braiding your fringe secures the pieces of hair much better than just clipping it back. This can be quite tricky in the beginning due to the fact the hair is short, but once you learn to do it, it is so great for growing out your fringe and keeping it out of your face; as well as making it look like you’ve put a lot more effort into your hair than you have.
  • Twist it-Again, this really helps to stop bits of your fringe from coming free, by simply twisting your fringe and pinning it, your hair will be out of your way all day and won’t bother you, to secure this further I would suggest using a bit of hairspray.
  • Be patient-Believe me I know this can seem like an endless process, and you might want to just give in and get your fringe cut again, but speaking from experience you will probably regret it! As someone who has done this multiple times, once you have your fringe back you’ll be kicking yourself because all that time you spent growing it out has gone to waste, so be patient!

So these are my top tips for growing out your fringe, and comments or feedback would be welcome and I hope these have helped!

Milkmaid Braids


For my first hair tutorial I thought I’d do one of my favourite styles, milkmaid braids. It’s such a quick and easy style, so it’s great for busy mornings when you need to sort your hair out quickly. I’d really appreciate any feedback or comments, thanks for stopping by!


1) First you need to do two braids on either side of your head starting just behind your ears


2) Next you need thicken the braids, you can do this by pulling the hair in the braid outwards until your braid is at the thickness you want


3) Once your braids are thickened you need to pull one braid over the top of your head and secure it with bobby pins, the number of pins you need will vary depending on how thick your hair is


4) Pull the other braid over your head and secure, making sure you cover the hair ties by tucking it under the other braid. Spritz it with some hairspray and you’re good to go!