Scarlet Shoes


Hi guys!

I hope you’re all well! For the last week I’ve been away on a girls holiday to Mallorca! It was my first proper holiday away without my family and while I definitely missed them I had such a blast, I mean sun, sea and Sangria, what more could a girl want? I will be doing a couple of holiday related posts, including a few photos from my time away, so keep your eyes peeled. A week away was exactly what I needed and I’ve come home with some really good post ideas thanks to my girls so I would have to say the holiday was a hit!

Last week I shared my gorgeous sisters prom look and today I’m sharing mine with you. I’ve officially left school forever (wow) so prom was quite important this year. When it came to finding a dress I really struggled with what was in the shops at the time, being short can make a lot of outfits hard to wear and shopping on a budget doesn’t help that. I found this dress on the same website my sister got hers, Lindy Bop, which is a vintage style website and I loved it! Outfit details will be at the bottom.


(I don’t know what my face is doing here, it’s obvious I’ve been away from the camera a while, haha)





Lipstick-Rimmel ’01’

Dress-Lindy Bop

Clutch-TK Maxx

Shoes-New Look




A Huge Apology! And Jessie’s Prom Look


Hi guys!

It’s been so so long since I last posted anything, a whole damn month! As most of you know June was a very stressful month for me because of my exams and the thought of sitting down and doing something else that required brain power, even if it was something like blogging which I love, filled me with exhaustion and dread. I know I said I was going to try to keep posting while I was doing my exams but that definitely turned out to be more ambitious than I thought, so I decided to follow a piece of advice I always give people when they ask me questions about blogging: don’t put too much pressure on yourself and don’t blog if you don’t feel like it because it will make it a chore. But I am definitely back and will be blogging as before, so I just wanted to give you guys a huge apology for basically falling off the face of the earth, if you have commented in the last month I will be answering your comments over the next week, while I haven’t replied seeing all your lovely  comments has definitely helped to brighten my days over the last month!

So I thought I would kick-start blogging again with something a little special, today I am sharing with you Jessie’s prom look. If you’ve read the blog before you will definitely know that Jessie dresses slightly quirky, something that runs in our family haha, and you will also know how much I love her style!

Jessie had a very similar view of wearing a traditional prom dress to me when I was in year 11, she knew it just wasn’t her so went on the look out for something a little different. She got this dress from online from the website Lindy Bop, they sell vintage style clothing in sizes 6-26 which is amazing considering so many vintage style shops I’ve checked out don’t cater for people smaller than a size 8/10. Jessie’s dress was stunning and was of such a good quality and she looked absolutely beautiful! So here is her look:





Lipstick-Rimmel Apocalips ‘Stella’

Dress-Lindy Bop

Gloves-TK Maxx

Clutch-TK Maxx

Shoes-Cu Cu Fashion

So there is Jessie’s prom look! I will be uploading my look next week so keep an eye out!



Daisy Daisy


Hello loves!

I hope you’ve all been well! I’ve had a brilliant weekend so far with some continued birthday celebrations which resulted in me feeling rather fragile Saturday morning, haha. Last night though I had a family dinner with my dad’s family for my birthday which provided me with the perfect opportunity to get a little dressed up!

Mum bought me this super pretty dress for my birthday, it’s so lightweight and is perfect for the summer, I’m loving the whole floral thing at the minute and I can’t wait to wear it more!

Outfit details will be at the bottom.







Lipstick-MAC ‘Viva Glam VI’

Dress-Miss Selfridge

Shoes-CuCu Fashion

Comments and feedback welcome!




Nighttime Nautical


Hi loves!

I hope you’ve all had a fab weekend! I spent a large portion of today revising for my first exam tomorrow, how scary! I can’t believe they’ve come around this quick and that my last proper week at school is finally here, I can’t wait to get out of there!

I had a minor hair dying disaster this weekend too, and ended up with half my hair orange and the other half a more auburn,chestnut colour, it’s now pretty much sorted but my roots are terribly bright, fingers crossed it tones down a bit soon!

While today was spent revising, yesterday was lovely and we went out for a meal to celebrate mine and mums birthdays since they are both this week! So I bout this dress last year for a wedding and I love the colour and style, I feel super girly in it and I love the lace. The shoes however, are new and I bought them from CuCu Fashion, they do lovely and really inexpensive shoes, this is the third pair I have bought from there and Jessie actually bought her prom shoes from there, they’re great for budget shoppers since you aren’t compromising on quality!

Outfit details will be at the bottom!







Lipstick-Kiko Milano ‘Hazelnut’


Dress-Forever 21 (old)

Shoes-CuCu Fashion



Denim Dress to Impress


Hi beauties!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! If you follow me on Instagram you will already have seen that I was very excited to announce that we have added two new members to our family, Rosie and Annie the kittens (pictured above), they’re so tiny, especially compared to chunky Hugo our other cat, and we’re loving having them so far!

I will be sharing a post on rescue animals this week and I’ll be talking a bit about our experience with rescue animals and the girlies so keep an eye out for that!

Today though I am sharing what I wore today with you! I love denim, it goes with everything and is so practical so getting this denim dress a couple of years ago was brilliant, it’s so lightweight and perfect for summer, plus it always makes me feel a little retro, haha. Outfit details will be at the bottom.






Lipstick-Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker ‘Nudist’


Dress-Primark (old)

Shoes-Sainsbury’s (old)




Petite Fashion Tips

Hi lovelies!

How are you all doing? I can’t believe it’s Monday again, the weekend just isn’t long enough! I popped into town yesterday and purchased a couple of bits of makeup (shocking) and then I did a bit of plucking to my mums eyebrows since she said she needed an outsider to fix them. I know the saying is eyebrows are sisters not twins, but to be honest they didn’t even look related, haha, so both of us are pleased with the fact they look pretty much the same now! And I’m just bloody relieved I didn’t make a right balls of them.

Anyway, today’s post is a bit on petite fashion, and more importantly tips and tricks for looking hot as hell while being under 5’3″. So I am petite in every sense of the word, as my mum says, I’m 4’11” so it’s fair to say I fit into the petite band. I have learnt a good bit about wearing clothes that suit my height over the years, mostly by making huge mistakes, so I’m going to share some of that with you!


1.Learn to cuff your jeans like a pro-This is so incredibly useful to learn if you’re short and can’t be bothered to, or don’t know how to, take up your trousers properly. I didn’t start cuffing my jeans until fairly recently, I used to just let them bunch up all around my ankles, this actually looked pretty good still but cuffing them just looks that bit better. I cuff my jeans by folding the hem up around 2cm and then simply folding it over once more. It’s such an easy thing but it’s such a nifty trick if you’re short and can’t find jeans to match your height.


2.Learn to hem your trousers-Yes you can cuff your jeans, but that unfortunately doesn’t work with all types of trouser. If you’re wearing slim leg or skinny trousers you can probably get away with just folding the necessary amount of fabric under and leaving it like that, but I would definitely recommend learing how to hem your trousers properly, sewing and all. I was lucky enough to learn to do this kind of thing in my textiles class at school when we worked on projects, but there are so many good youtube tutorials out there that can teach you this really easy tip. Or if you’re lucky like me, you can really nicely ask someone else who already knows how to do this  if they’ll do it for you (thanks mum!).


3.Small prints work better than large ones-I love a huge print but they just don’t work for me. I would definitely say you can wear a large print on top but wearing trousers/skirts with a huge pattern doesn’t, as a general rule, work quite as well. A small pattern on the bottom is great for petite people because it doesn’t swamp you and will make your legs look much longer than a large pattern will, it just fits your height better. I personally think that this rule applies to maxi dresses too, a small print won’t completely engulf your body the way a big pattern will, matching the print size to your height is a great tip to make you look taller.


4.Learn which shops have good petite sections-Pretty much everywhere has a petite section now, but that doesn’t mean that every shops idea of petite is the right one for you. I will only buy jeans from Miss Selfridge because they’re the only place I have found where the petite jeans aren’t too long for me, not everywhere will have a petite section where everything works for your body and that’s so normal, but I would suggest going out and finding what does work for you and where. I also the petite sections in New Look, Topshop and ASOS, but have a look, there are loads of great shops with great petite stuff.


5.Wear clothes that fit correctly-This sounds incredibly basic but wearing clothes that fit well is so important for people who are petite, if you wear clothes that are too big then they make you look so much shorter. I used to buy size 16 jumpers despite being a size 6 and wear them, now, I still love an oversized jumper but I buy jumpers in my size that are meant to be oversized. I’m not for a minute suggesting you should all go out and buy skin-tight clothes, because that’s not something a lot of people, myself included, are comfortable with, but you should absolutely wear clothes that fit properly and are your actual size, including loose clothes, they will stop you looking super short which can happen when you wear clothes that are too big.


6.Have fun-Just because you’re shorter than average doesn’t mean that you should completely opt out of wearing specific clothes, you should wear whatever the hell you want regardless of your height. I avoided maxi dresses and patterned trousers for so long because I was worried I wouldn’t find something that would fit or something I could pull off, but I was wrong, I just hadn’t looked hard enough. Being petite shouldn’t mean that you should limit what styles you wear, just go for it, and if it doesn’t work out, then welcome to the club! Everyone makes fashion mistakes (I have made more than I care to remember), just make sure you look drop dead gorgeous the next day and no one will remember!

So there are my petite fashion top tips, I hope they’re helpful and I’d love to hear any that you guys have! Comments and feedback welcome!




Dolled Up in Dungarees



I hope you’re all well! I had a really good day and met up with a few of my favourite people today which was so lovely especially since it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve seen them! I’ve also been working on a makeup tutorial which I will have up tomorrow, I’m quite excited about it, mostly because it has a slightly Disney theme!

Today though I’m sharing what I wore on my outing today. I recently bought this pair of dungarees from New Look, I’ve been looking for a pair for a few months now but because I’m so short I haven’t had much luck until these. I found this in the petite section online and they’re perfect! The hat I’m wearing has been featured on the blog before (you can see the post here) but I thought it looked really good with the dungarees and helped me to unlock my inner farmer, haha.






Lipstick-MAC ‘Hot Gossip’

Hat-TK Maxx


Dungarees-New Look

Shoes-Sainsbury’s (old)




Quirky Clothing

Hi loves!

I hope you’re all having a good Easter weekend so far! I’m having a lovely relaxing weekend with mum, over which I’m sure an abundance of chocolate will be eaten, which is exactly what we need!

So today I popped into town to meet a friend for a few hours which meant I could wear my newest purchases! I seem to have bought a lot of clothes this month which is weird but I’m not complaining (although I think my bank account may be, haha). This outfit is a little quirky which I love and I felt great wearing it, it’s absolutely a new favourite, details will be at the bottom!




IMG_3756 (2)




Lipstick-MAC ‘Dubonnet’

Dress-Yes Style

Bag-Debenhams-Dorothy Perkins

Shoes-TK Maxx-Rocket Dog




Crazy Cat Lady


Hi guys!

I hope you’re all having a good Saturday! I’ve had a busy day and have been out and about all day and I’m also out tonight, damn what a social life I seem to have gotten myself, haha.

So a few weeks ago I ordered this cat dress from Yes Style, I’d been looking for a cat dress/skirt and had been having no luck in finding one I liked, until my sister suggested this website telling me it had an entire cat themed section (OH MY GOD)! Let me just say I was in my absolute element searching through this website, it has loads of great clothes for reasonable prices.

I have had such a great experience with this website, the clothes we ordered were of a good quality, fit well and the service was great, it took about a week for our order to arrive and there is free shipping for orders over £25, what more do you really want? I am absolutely going to buy from here again, I didn’t have a single problem and absolutely love my new dress! The only thing I would say is to make sure you check the size guide because it is an Asian fashion store so the sizes do differ, but all the information needed in order for you to figure out what size you need is provided which is brilliant. I think this website may be my new favourite place to buy clothes.






Lipstick-Primark Liquid Lipstick ‘Neon Pink’

Dress-Yes Style-here

Belt-Asda (old)

Shoes-London Rebel (Old)

Comments and feedback welcome, remember to leave your questions for the Q&A in the comments!





Prom Style

249.JPGHi guys!

I hope you’ve all had a good day! We’ve made it halfway through the week so well done guys, haha, just a couple of days until the beauty that is the weekend!

Today I’m sharing a slightly different fashion post with you, I’m sharing a post that is based around prom and, more importantly for the purpose of this post, my prom. One of the things I noticed a few months before prom was that there was so much pressure on finding a dress. The typical style for a Year 11 prom is long flowing dresses that are gorgeous but can be horrifically expensive and just aren’t necessarily right for everyone. While I am now, I wasn’t massively girly two years ago at the time of my prom so I didn’t want a long ultra girly dress, I wanted something that was a bit more me.

In the end I went for vintage, I found this dress by chance at a vintage shop for £40 and I know that it was the perfect dress for me, it wasn’t too girly, but was still feminine and was something a bit different. I’ll admit I did cave with the shoes, I was tempted to wear my DM’s, which my sister is actually considering wearing to her prom, but I did decide to go for the traditional heels look and that worked really well for me.

Basically the aim of this post is to show that if the traditional prom style isn’t for you there are so many alternatives that look really good and that you might find the right outfit in a place you’re not expecting; the most important part of the night is that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing (except if you’re wearing heels, haha). So here is my prom look!




I was even weirder then than I am now, haha



So there is my prom style! As you can see my hair and makeup was also very simple, my mum did it all for me, I knew I wouldn’t like the way my makeup was if I got it professionally done, it’s not for everyone. I hope this helps some of you to find a style you like for prom and shows that going for a slightly different look can look good too! Comments and feedback welcome.