Scarlet Shoes


Hi guys!

I hope you’re all well! For the last week I’ve been away on a girls holiday to Mallorca! It was my first proper holiday away without my family and while I definitely missed them I had such a blast, I mean sun, sea and Sangria, what more could a girl want? I will be doing a couple of holiday related posts, including a few photos from my time away, so keep your eyes peeled. A week away was exactly what I needed and I’ve come home with some really good post ideas thanks to my girls so I would have to say the holiday was a hit!

Last week I shared my gorgeous sisters prom look and today I’m sharing mine with you. I’ve officially left school forever (wow) so prom was quite important this year. When it came to finding a dress I really struggled with what was in the shops at the time, being short can make a lot of outfits hard to wear and shopping on a budget doesn’t help that. I found this dress on the same website my sister got hers, Lindy Bop, which is a vintage style website and I loved it! Outfit details will be at the bottom.


(I don’t know what my face is doing here, it’s obvious I’ve been away from the camera a while, haha)





Lipstick-Rimmel ’01’

Dress-Lindy Bop

Clutch-TK Maxx

Shoes-New Look




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