Birthday Makeup Tutorial


Hi loves!

So I’d first like to start this post by saying I’m sorry for being absent for what seems like ages, I know I only on posted Sunday but I want to apologise for not uploading anything since, this week has been super busy with exams, and birthdays and preparing for my final few days in school, I am hoping to update more next week since I am free from school!

But today is my birthday! I turned 18 today and am now officially an adult, how scary! I have an exam in the morning so I’ve limited my celebrations to pizza and a glass of bucks fizz with mum, and the more…adventurous celebrations will happen tomorrow night!

So I asked you guys for a few ideas as to what to do for a birthday post and one suggestion was a birthday makeup look, so this is it today! For this look I’m using the W7 ‘In the Buff’ palette which is lovely and allows me to create quite a coppery/bronze look!

So here is the look!



1.First prime your eyes and apply a pale, neutral colour (1) across your eyelid.


2.Now define your crease with a bronze colour (2) and blend out so it doesn’t look too harsh.


3.Apply a slightly darker bronze (3) to the outer area of your lid and blend outwards, this gets rid of harsh lines and adds a slightly smokey effect.


4.To add more definition, apply a brown (4) to the outer V of you eyelid and blend slightly to prevent too much of a contrast.


5.Now apply a cream/white shade (5) in the center of your eyelid and blend to give it a softer appearance, this will help to define your eyes even more.


6.Now all you do is apply winged eyeliner and mascara and you’re finished!


So there is my birthday makeup tutorial, comments and feedback welcome!








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