MooGoo Acne Cleansing Moisturiser Review



Hi lovelies!

Happy Thursday! I’ve had such a productive day today with revision and I’m feeling quite positive about my exams, of course ask me on Monday and I’m sure it will be a different story, haha. My aunt is coming over tomorrow from Ireland and is staying for the weekend to celebrate mine and mums birthdays which are next week, so I’m really looking forward to that!

I am 18 next Thursday and I would like to do a post to commemorate it, the problem is I am stuck with what to do, so I would be super grateful if you guys could give me some ideas! Please email me, or comment below with any suggestions!

But today I am sharing a review of my new Holy Grail product, MooGoo Acne Cleansing Moisturiser! So I got this about a month ago and I would be lost without it now, it’s done wonders for my skin and I can’t rave about this product enough.


This is a lovely moisturiser, it hydrates your skin so well without making it oily. It’s quite rich and works best if you apply it to damp skin and massage it in. It works really well with both oily and dry skin and leaves it feeling so soft!

I have primarily been using this product on my back, chest and shoulders because I get quite bad acne on these areas while my sister has been using this on her face. I have tried numerous products and methods that are meant to reduce and prevent acne and haven’t found any that work for me, most have either done nothing or have caused even more breakouts but this product has cleared my skin so much. In the month I’ve been using it I have had less breakouts, less inflammation and my back, chest and shoulders are almost completely clear, I couldn’t be happier and I would actually feel comfortable enough to wear something that didn’t completely cover these areas!


I don’t have a before shot, but my whole back used to be covered in angry red spots, most of the blemishes in this photo is scarring.

Another thing I love about this product is that they use natural ingredients, and actually explain what each ingredient is and does on the website! I love this because having sensitive skin means that putting products with lots of chemicals in them can be a worry but I love knowing I don’t need to worry about this with this product.

It is £12 which could be considered a bit pricey for a moisturiser but I 100% think this is worth the money, I would actually pay more for this product and I am more of a cheap and cheerful girl, so that should show just how much I love it!

As well as the product itself being awesome, the customer service is also brilliant! There was a glitch when we came to paying but their customer service team were incredibly helpful and had us all sorted within 24 hours of us contacting them, and in all honesty it made me like MooGoo even more.

Overall this is one of the best skin care and acne products I have tried and I will definitely be a loyal user from now on, I can’t recommend this enough and I would suggest that anyone with acne gives this a go. I couldn’t love this product any more, so head over to MooGoo now!

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9 thoughts on “MooGoo Acne Cleansing Moisturiser Review

  1. Rezzo says:

    Happy birthday! Hm, I guess it depends on your location, but maybe you can do stuff you can legally do like buy a lottery ticket? lol. Great that the product worked for you!

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