Annie and Rosie-Adopting Rescue Animals

Hi lovelies!

I hope all of you are well! I’m glad  we’re one day closer to the weekend even if it does mean I’m one day closer to my exams which start on Monday, they’ve come around so quickly!

As most of you know we added to our family in the form of two kittens called Annie and Rosie! So I thought I would share a little bit about them, the process of adopting them and a bit about rescue animals in general since all our pets have been rescued in one way or another.

Rosie and Annie are 11 weeks old, Rosie is the black one and Annie is black and white, and they’re such sweet girls. We don’t know anything really about their background including their birthdays so they’re a bit of a mystery. They’ve been with us for a couple of days now and are settling in pretty well, Annie is definitely the most outgoing of the two and loves a cuddle, when she isn’t climbing on Jessie’s back, she kept hissing at me to begin with but now she’s happy for me to give her a cuddle and will sleep in my arms for as long as I let her, Rosie has found adjusting to our house a little more difficult, she has a chosen hiding spot and doesn’t like to come out unless Annie is coaxing her out, we are bonding now and she enjoys a cuddle and has the loudest purr!

I first saw these little ladies on the RSPCA website after my friend suggesting taking a look since I hadn’t seen any cats we could adopt anywhere else, having a cat and dog already puts some serious limits on the pets you can adopt since so many can’t be homed with other cats and/or dogs. We filled out a questionnaire and made an appointment to visit them last Saturday, spent about an hour getting to know them and decided they were the cats for us; after that we had to put a temporary reserve on them and wait for the home visit. The home visit was just a really short appointment where someone from the RSPCA came to the house to check out the nearby roads to make sure the house is suitable for pets. We passed the test, arranged to visit the kittens again the next day so they could get to know us better and found out we could take them home then. You do have to pay a fee when getting them, this covers the medical treatments they need such as their vaccinations for the first year, defleaing, deworming and spaying/neutering, everything you’d have to pay for anyway.

So the process of adoption is pretty quick and simple from your end, but it’s finding the right pet for you and taking everything necessary into consideration which takes a lot more time and effort. Because we already have a dog and a cat it meant finding a pet that could live with both was very difficult, especially among any older animals, which is why we opted for kittens. Finding a pet that is suitable for you and your circumstances is probably the most difficult thing since a lot of rescue animals have their quirks and may not be able to live with cats, dogs, young children etc. but there is definitely the right pet for you somewhere!

You may have guessed by now I am very pro getting rescue animals rather than buying them if you can, so many animals need homes and offering a home to an animal that really needs one is such a brilliant and rewarding feeling. All our pets have been rescued one way or another, you can see Saffy and Hugo’s stories here, and I can honestly say we couldn’t have found better animals. So I will say it once more, if you can please look towards rescue animals if you’re wanting to get a pet, they will make such wonderful additions to your family!

So that’s it for today’s post on our rescue animals, I’d love to hear a bit about yours!





23 thoughts on “Annie and Rosie-Adopting Rescue Animals

  1. Camila Aimbire says:

    Hi Abigail! It’s so lovely to see more people adopting animals and sharing with others. I couldn’t agree more with you, rescuing a pet is much better than buying one. 🙂
    All my cats (yes, I’m a cat person) were adopted, even when we were kids.
    I currently have one that was adopted from a shelter in Brazil. The public shelter in Sao Paulo had already given her all the vaccines, she was spaded and they even put in a GPS tracker so she could be registered in their system, all for no cost! It was amazing.
    When I went to the shelter I also couldn’t just pick any cat, because I had a crazy schedule and a tiny apartment. I adopted Blackie as a kitten and she choose me, as a matter of fact. Funny how they know who will love them best. 😉
    I brought her and my husband’s cat to the U.S. when we moved here. Can’t live without them. 😉

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    • The Pineapple Tart says:

      First of all, go cat people! And I love hearing about other people adopting animals, it’s so wonderful to hear what a positive impact they’ve had on other peoples lives! I’d be totally lost without my rescue animals 🙂

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  2. Daniela Soriano says:

    Aww they’re too cute, I wish I could adopt more cats, but my two cats passed last year and it’s just too sad atm.


  3. Rezzo says:

    Aw, I love them! I think if I went and adopted a cat by myself, I’d be looking for one that looks like Annie ^_^ But like you said, there are many things to consider and might end up with someone very different! I’m taking care of my brother’s gray tabby right now, and I love him.

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