What Blogging Has Taught Me


Hi lovelies!

I hope you’re all having a fab day, I’m still working through that tiresome history coursework but I should be rid of it by Friday which is a huge relief! And I will hopefully have another award/nomination post up tomorrow so keep an eye out for that one!

Today though, I’m going to be sharing with you what I’ve learnt from blogging so far. I’ve been blogging for about 7ish months, and I have definitely learnt a lot already, and I’m so excited to learn more as my blog progresses. So here is what I’ve learnt:

Patience is key-This is definitely one of the most important things I’ve learnt, when I started the blog I was desperate to get views, likes, followers, everything I could, but I soon realised that while I do need to promote the blog, I also need to let everything happen in its own time and my followers etc. did pick up, but being patient and not stressing over how fast the blog was growing was definitely a useful thing to learn. The whole patience is a virtue thing is definitely something I’ve learnt to acquire since starting to blog, even if it only applies to the blog, haha. 

Love yourself-Since starting the blog my confidence has gone through the roof. I’m still not the most confident person in every aspect of my life but I’ve learnt to accept myself and I am so much happier with who I am. On the blog I’ve had such wonderful feedback, and having to look at photos of myself to find which ones are good enough to have on the blog all the time means that I’ve become more accepting of my physical imperfections and I’ve learnt to embrace them. I’m so much more body confident and I absolutely love myself more than ever before since I started blogging. (I am actually looking to do a post based around body image and I would be so grateful if you guys would let me know if you think it’s a good post idea)

Plan your time-This is another really useful one I’ve learnt. Managing my time was one of the first things I realised was an essential, I’m now able to balance blogging, school and my poor excuse of a social life and it’s so much better! I don’t miss posting and I still get my work done on time, planning your time well is definitely a good move in order to work towards making your blog successful, it stops you becoming too overwhelmed with everything. 

It’s ok not to post-I try my best to post every other day but sometimes that just doesn’t happen, and that’s ok! When I really started to get into blogging I was so stressed that if I didn’t post when I was meant to I would lose followers and people would lose interest, but guess what, I was wrong! If you’re trying to run a blog in addition to everything else in your life it’s perfectly acceptable to miss a day or post a day late, your readers will understand, they’re human too! I got so wrapped up that if I wanted my blog to succeed I had to look like this super blogger who could post all the time but I now know that I don’t and my blog is doing just fine with me missing the odd day. This is a really important thing to learn and remember!

Not every form of social media will work for you-There is so much pressure for bloggers to be on every form of social media in order to gain followers, but while that works for some people, it doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve tried so many social media platforms and so far I’ve only stuck to Instagram and Google+, I just don’t understand them! I recently got Bloglovin’ and thought it would be great for the blog, and I’m sure it will be when I actually figure out how it works, it took my friend telling me today for me to realise that I hadn’t actually uploaded any posts to there! Tumblr didn’t work for me either, and I haven’t even looked towards Facebook yet.Basically, while social media is a really good and important way to promote your blog, not every one you try will work for you, and that’s so fine! I wished I’d known that a bit earlier in my blogging journey.

So there are a few things blogging has taught me so far, comments and feedback welcome!





22 thoughts on “What Blogging Has Taught Me

  1. hippylip says:

    I love this post! Everything about it is 100% true. Patience was my hardest achievement. Lol and learning that it was ok to not have a “post schedule@ the pressure was immediately lifted after I realized this.


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  2. Joy says:

    This is great! I’m going through that initial stage of fussing over my (pathetic) traffic and everyone else seems so much better at blogging/marketing than I am it gets stressful sometimes. I hope I will find my own pace as I go, and discover what works (or not) for me, personally, as opposed to trying to do everything everyone ever says I should be doing for my blog!

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