Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Brow Kit Review


Hi beauties!

I hope you’ve all been having a great week and have a brilliant weekend ahead! I am so glad it’s the weekend even if it does mean that I’m that bit closer to exams.

So a couple of days ago I did a super easy brows tutorial and today I am going to be reviewing one of the products I used! I only recently bought this brow kit but it has quickly made its way into my everyday routine, so here is a full review!


First off I love the fact this is a powder kit, I have never been keen to try a gel kit because I like to have a natural looking brow, plus the skill I would require to nail it is more than I possess. The fact this is a powder kit makes it really easy to achieve a defined but natural looking brow, you can also build up the colour for a more defined look really easily.

The colours are really pigmented, this makes it even easier to define your brows. There are three colours in this kit which is fab because it means you can detail your brows really clearly with the range of colours.

It also comes with a wax cream which I love! It makes it so easy to set my brows which is great. You only need a small amount which is even better and it adds a lovely finish to your eyebrows.

The product is really long lasting too which is excellent, I find I can put this on in the morning and it lasts all day. It requires no touch ups and looks just as good when I get home as when I left in the morning.


The brush is a great shape, it’s angled so works really well to fill in your brows and means you’re able to define the arch and tail of your brow really well. The size of the product is also really compact so if you do feel you need to bring it with you for quick touch ups you can do so really easily.

The only slightly negative thing I would have to say about this product, and it isn’t even really a negative, but the product is surprisingly light considering I have it in ‘Medium-Dark’. I would say that this product would be best for those with dark blonde to mid-brown hair or for redheads.This is the only even slightly bad thing I have to say about this product and I really hope they make a darker shade so that more people will be able to use it.

Overall I love this product, I cannot fault the quality of it and it is my favourite brow product I’ve tried, and for £2.50 I would absolutely recommend giving this a go!





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