My Favourites: Collection


Hi guys!

I hope you’re all well, it was my brothers 6th birthday today, so we spent an evening enjoying the chaos that is a kid’s birthday, I feel I need a long sleep now!
Today’s post is something new and if you guys like it something I might try to do monthly. Today I’m sharing my favourite products from the brand Collection, I hope to share my favourites from a particular brand once a month, so please let me know what you think of this and whether or not it’s a good idea to continue with!

I love Collection and their products so narrowing it down to a few favourites was so hard but here they are:


Speedy Highlighter– I have done a full review of this product (which you can find here) and I love it! It’s such a lovely highlighter and has just the right amount of shimmer to add a noticeable but subtle glow to your face. It’s super easy to apply because of its design you just swipe it across wherever you need. The product itself is so nice, it’s quite creamy and glides on really smoothly, it’s pretty long-lasting and is an absolutely winning highlighter for me!


Sheer Loose Powder-This is absolutely my go to finishing powder, it’s so inexpensive which is brilliant if you’re on a budget, and it does such a fab job of setting my makeup. I apply it pretty generously and it makes my skin look so smooth and pretty much flawless, it’s also great if you just need a little extra help to blend out a specific product because it just helps to give your makeup a really polished look. This is one of my makeup essentials.


Eyes Uncovered Nude Grey Palette-You guys will have seen me use this palette for so many makeup looks already, I’m a bit obsessed, haha. However, I think I have such good reason to be, the price is unbeatable, and the quality is amazing, the shadows go on beautifully, are super pigmented and just look generally amazing. I saw the other day that they have a rose palette out now and I can’t wait to get my hands on it if the quality is anything like this one, this is a makeup must!


#BlushAndGlow Blush Palette-This is actually my sisters makeup rather than my own but it’s still a favourite of mine to use both on me and her, the blush colours are brilliant and give you a really rosy glow, the contour shade is great and is really buildable so you’re able to create both a subtle and more defined look. The highlighter colour is also lovely, it has a very subtle shimmer which looks beautiful when it catches the light, so if you’re like me and only want a subtle highlight then this will work really well for you. It’s a powder contour palette and is one of the best I’ve come across, it’s great!


#YourStyleYourMood Eye Shadow Palette-Another eye shadow palette but this brand do such great eye shadows! I love this palette because you get two sets of colours, some pinks/purples and some browns, this was such a good point for me because it felt like I was getting two palettes for the price of one, plus they’re really good to mix and match with each other. Again they’re really pigmented and go on really well, I absolutely love this brands eye shadow palettes.

So there are my top 5 Collection products, I can’t express my love for this brand enough, I think their products are great and are of an excellent quality and if you haven’t tried them out already then you are missing out

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