My Makeup Brush Collection


Hi loves!

Sorry I’ve been absent for a few days, I was out shopping on Saturday to see if I could find a dress to wear to prom but the height thing meant that I didn’t have too much luck, but I have loads of time so I will just have to make another trip, what a shame! My absence on Sunday and Monday however, was due to the mother of all migraines, which I still have today! I was going to miss another day of posting but I remembered I had this draft saved so rather than posting it next week as planned, I thought I’d hit post today so I wasn’t gone for too long! 

Today’s post is on my makeup brush collection! I love makeup brushes, and I always have loads I want to buy, although they usually get shoved to the bottom of my shopping list because I love buying makeup that bit more, but I still have a nice collection. So here it is:



Real Techniques Powder Brush-This is one of my oldest brushes but also one of my favourites, it’s so large and soft that it’s the perfect brush for finishing my makeup and makes applying a finishing powder really easy. The size means that you can get plenty of product on the brush and allows you to distribute it evenly and gently across your face. It’s a must have brush for me. 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush-This is such a great brush for applying foundation, I used it to apply mineral foundation when I used it and it worked brilliantly, and I still use it to apply my liquid foundation because it does such a great job! 

Real Techniques Contour Brush-This is a great brush to blend out your contour, I don’t use this to initially apply my contour product because I always end up with too much on, but it is brilliant to blend out what you’ve already put on, it gets rid of harsh lines so well and stops you looking like you did your makeup in the dark, I love it.  It also works really well as a blush brush which is an added bonus. 

Real Teachniques Pointed Foundation Brush-I use this as a concealer brush to apply my under eye concealer, it allows me to get full coverage and is such a good brush. 

BareMinerals Flawless Face Brush-This is my go to blush brush, the shape of the brush makes it so easy to achieve a natural rosy look with minimal effort. It is also a great contour brush because the shape means that you can really get in there and define your cheekbones, it’s so useful!

BareMinerals Maximim Coverage Concealer-I use this to apply concealer to any spots and blemishes, it allows you to layer your concealer really well in order to achieve full coverage, the shape and size makes it a really good brush to use on small areas that require coverage. 

No.7 Powder Brush-This is just a regular powder brush which I’ve had for years but it’s really great to apply highlighter colours with. It’s great because it means you are able to get enough product on the brush and don’t need to apply multiple layers to get enough on, it also means that the product goes on really smoothly, it’s a great brush!

No.7 Eye Shadow Brush-This is another one I’ve had for years, it’s just a regular eye shadow brush but it works really well with powder contour and it’s brilliant for defining your cheekbones, I love using it to contour with and I would definitely recommend giving it a go!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge-I know that this isn’t technically a brush but I had to include it, I love them! They’re so multipurpose and useful, I use them to apply my foundation, damp for a dewy finish, dry for full coverage, and they’re excellent for highlighting and contouring! If you haven’t already invested I would strongly suggest you do!


All my eye shadow brushes are from the same brand and came in a set, the brand is Lamora and they’re such good brushes! The set I have has 7 brushes in it and they’re all of an excellent quality and make applying eye shadow so easy and the product goes on beautifully with them. The brushes I have are:

  • Blending Brush
  • Angled Shader 
  • Classic Shadet
  • Precise Shader 
  • Small Shader
  • Angled Detailer
  • Detailed Pencil



Real Techniques Detailer Brush-I only have one lip brush but it’s so lovely! The size and shape makes applying lipstick so easy, and the brush makes it stay on much longer, I will probably continue only using one lip brush because I have yet to find one that works as well for me!

So there is my brush collection, comments and feedback welcome!





20 thoughts on “My Makeup Brush Collection

  1. Pandokie says:

    Your brush collection makes mine seem like a monster-load of brushes! I tend to use only a couple on a daily basis, but then when I’m too lazy to wash them, I grab my other ones. Still have to declutter some of those…somehow I can persuade myself that I NEED certain brushes .

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