Top 5 Under £5


Hi loves!

It’s Friday! I went to the beach today with mum and Saffy which was lovely, and bloody cold! But I did get an ice cream out of it so all was good, haha.

So I’m continuing on with my good run of posts this week, which will probably go back to normal next week, but I’ll have to see how things go, I love the fact I get so much more time to blog over the holidays and I am definitely taking advantage because I know I’ll struggle to upload posts as regularly in the upcoming months because of my exams.

Anyway, today’s post is on my top 5 products under £5! I love a bargain and I know so many of you do too, so here are my top 5!


1.Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara = £4.99-I love this product, it is my go to brow product and I use it everyday. It makes it look like I’ve put a lot more effort into my brows than I have, it’s an absolute makeup essential of mine.

eye shadow.jpg

2.Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette = £3.99-I have the Nude Grey palette and I love it, the shadows are really pigmented and go on brilliantly. It’s such good value for money and it’s one of my favourite palettes!


3.Primark Liquid Lipstick = £2-This lipstick is great and the price is unbeatable, the colour is great and lasts a long time, plus the applicator is great. You can see a full review here.


4.Maybelline Matte Maker Pressed Powder = £3.99-I love this powder, it works great as a highlighter because of how light some of the shades are as well as an all over face powder. It’s one of my favourite powders and goes on really well and looks really good on.

IMG_1451 (2).JPG

5.Seventeen Stay Time Concealer = £4.49-This is my favourite concealer, it gives really good coverage and is a great concealer if you have pale skin because it comes in such light colours, this also means it works really well as a highlighter.

So there are my top 5 under £5! What are yours? Comments and feedback welcome!





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