Top Tips for Perfecting Eye Shadow Looks

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Hello my loves!

I hope you’re all well and are looking forward to a long weekend! Jessie goes away on holiday tomorrow so me and mum are having a chilled week on our own, hopefully the weather will hold off enough for us to visit the beach with the dog sometime this week, but it’s England so I won’t hold my breath, haha.

So, if you follow the blog there’s no doubt you’ll have figured out that I love eye shadow and the looks you can do with it. While at this point I can I can put together a few pretty nice looks, I used to be really rather atrocious at doing my eye shadow, but here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up that make nailing eye shadow looks easier!


1.Use tape-Eye shadow can go everywhere, which is a right pain but I’ve found that using tape to guide your eye shadow really helps to prevent this. The tape helps to prevent you using too much shadow as well as preventing you from applying it too low down. It also provides a great guide when you’re doing a smokey eye look, this is probably my favourite trick when doing my eye shadow.

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2.Use neutral colours to start off-I love bright eye shadows, but if you’re new to applying eye makeup I would definitely recommend starting off with neutral tones such as browns, greys and rose colours. This is really useful when you’re starting off because it’s easier to get a look right because the colours aren’t super bold which means that any possible mistakes are hidden more easily, it also gives you a bit of leeway while you find a technique that works for you because getting it wrong probably won’t end in you looking like a clown, and I have been there, haha. A couple of my favourite palettes are the Collection Eyes Uncovered palettes as well as the Maybelline Blushed Nudes.


3.Minimise the number of shades you use-We’ve all seen those magnificent eye makeup videos on Facebook and Youtube where an unbelievably large number of shades have been used to create a gorgeous makeup look, but that isn’t the easiest thing to try, especially if you’re just starting out. I’ve found that sticking with 1 to 4 shades is the best way to learn how to nail eye shadow, I started off doing eye shadow by using a Mally palette with only 3 shades and even now I prefer to minimise the number of shadows I use for one look, particularly on a daily basis. Using less shadows prevents things from getting too complex and makes it that much easier to focus on your technique and perfecting your look.


4.Use good quality brushes-This is one of the most important tips I can offer, using higher quality brushes can be so important to an eye makeup look, especially  if you’re going for something very bold and defined, e.g. a smokey eye. Higher quality brushes can mean that the shadow goes on so much smoother and a high quality blending brush is an absolute essential in my opinion, especially if you are creating smokey eye. I currently use these Lamora brushes, which I love.


5.Determine the shape of your eye-This is another unbelievably important tip, there is no point following the instructions for an eye makeup look exactly if the eye shape is completely different from your own, absolutely follow the basic style but adapting it so that it suits your eye shape is the best way to go when you’re looking to do eye makeup. Figuring out the shape of your eye means that it’s easier for you to figure out shading techniques that work best for you and complement the shape of your eye.

So there are my top eye shadow tips, what are yours? Comments and feedback welcome!




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