Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

IMG_3763 (2).JPG

Hello beauties!

I hope you’re all well and have had a fab weekend! I’ve done a bit of cleaning this weekend, since I’m such a messy cow, haha, and I’ve also organised my makeup, finally!


So today I’m sharing a smokey eye look with you! I’ve done this using only the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette, which is a purchase I’m loving at the moment! (you can see a full review here)

brown smokey


1.So I’m using tape to complete this look because it prevents any product falling down under my eyes which can be a right pain. First I applied a light brown/khaki (1) across my eyelids.


2.Then I applied a mid-tone (2) to the crease and across to the outer corner of my eyelid and along my lower lash line, and blend it out.


3.Apply a darker shade (3) to the outer corner of your eye and blend outwards along the tape to create a smokey effect.

IMG_3758 (2).JPG

4.Use the darkest colour (4) to mimic winged eyeliner and then blend upwards to add to the smokey look, and apply it to the edge of your lower lash line and graduate it slightly to reduce any harsh lines.


5.Apply the lightest colour (5) to your brow bone to highlight your brows, you can leave it there and just apply mascara, but I like to complete this look with winged eyeliner, and you’re done!

IMG_3764 (2)




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