Travel: Kerry, Ireland


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I’m doing something a bit different today and am sharing a little piece on travel with you. At 17 I’m not particularly well travelled but the places I have been have been amazing! I was going to do a post on my trip to China, but I thought I’d start a bit closer to home and talk about Ireland, and more specifically Kerry!


My mum’s family is from Ireland so I visiting there has always been a regular occurrence in my life but when I was about 8 years old mum,Jessie, my aunt and I ventured a bit further than where our family live and went to Kerry, and we love it!

Kerry is so beautiful, I would 100% recommend it if you enjoy walking holidays because there are so many stunning places you can go walking, but even if you’re not I would still highly suggest you go there.


106 (2).JPG

One place we always make sure we visit when we head to Kerry is Dingle. They have the cutest shops and the nicest scenery there, plus they have Fungi the dolphin who lives in Dingle Bay! He is probably my favourite thing about Dingle, you can pay for a boat ride and he swims right along side the boat which is amazing, and in all the years we’ve been going we’ve always seen him, which is brilliant! Another great thing about Dingle is the Murphey’s Ice Cream shop, they do some of the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted (probably only outdone by the ice cream in Italy), seriously what’s not to love?





Another beautiful place in Kerry is Valentia Island, we stayed here a few years ago and it was lovely! You can visit the Skelligs Islands while you’re there, unfortunately we didn’t do so but it is definitely something I want to do! One thing we did do while we stayed in Valentia was visit the Great Blasket Island where Peig Sayers was from, that was a great day, the island is so beautiful, and we had such a great day walking round and exploring, it’s just so pretty!


The beaches there are gorgeous too, I really don’t recommend swimming, it’s bloody cold water, but they’re great to chill out at for the day, and we’ve had such good picnics on the beach as well as in the car when it’s raining, haha.


The weather is interesting to say the very least, one time in the space of an hour walk up a hill the weather changed about 4 times, which was pretty impressive if not a bit wet, but it’s so worth it, it just makes the whole experience a bit more fun!


I would absolutely recommend visiting Kerry, it’s not quite as cold and rainy as people say (in summer, I mean it is Ireland, haha), but you should seriously go, even just once! It’s one of my favourite places, the people are so lovely, the scenery is breathtaking and it’s just such a great place to visit.

Comments and feedback welcome, and remember to leave your questions for the Q&A!





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