Why I Started Blogging


Hi beauties!

I hope you’re all good and have had a good day! I’m currently sitting here painting my nails for the first time in ages, an evening well spent in my opinion!

Today I thought I’d share with you why I started blogging!

I started blogging in October 2015, so have been blogging for a grand total of 5 months, and so far I’ve loved every minute of it. Before I finally set this up I had been considering starting a blog for over a year! But I kept coming up with reasons why I shouldn’t; it would be too much work, I was too young, I would run out of ideas and I had got it into my head that no one would wan to read what I was writing. I then moved my focus onto maybe starting an Instagram account instead, but I’m not great at photography and I think I’m better with words than pictures, so I was back to square one and completely put the idea off.

It wasn’t until months later when my friend and I joked that we should start a blog offering dating advice that I considered the whole blogging thing again, and after talking to a few people I decided to take the plunge and create The Pineapple Tart!

I wanted to start a blog for several reasons, I love doing my hair and makeup and wanted to share that, I’d also gotten quite into reading other people’s blogs and it made me think that I could probably do that, another thing is that I’d found myself getting into a bit of a rut with what to do with myself, I’ve never been one to have lots of hobbies and I’d found myself getting bored.

I was also starting to feel the pressure of A Levels and needed an escape, this offered the perfect solution because when I’m blogging it takes my mind completely off everything and turns out to be something I find quite relaxing. The fact I was talking about my favourite things made it an even better solution.

I mostly started the blog because I wanted to share what I love with other people and wanted to share what I was passionate about. The idea of becoming part of the blogging community and meeting other people who shared the same interests was something that I was really interested in, and I’ve loved that aspect of blogging so far.

Overall, the reason I started my blog is because I wanted to explore what I love further and see what can come of sharing it, I simply wanted to pursue my passion in a way that was my own and on my terms. The fact I’m able to share what I love and I have such a blast doing it my favourite thing about my blogging experience

So that’s an outline of why I started the blog, remember to leave any questions for the Q&A in the comments!







26 thoughts on “Why I Started Blogging

  1. KandyCakes says:

    This is a really great post! I can definitely relate to this. I have only been blogging for about a month but had the same thoughts in my head as you did. Now that I finally started my blog, I am really glad I did because I love it! I still have those negative thoughts about if my blog will amount to anything and if I’ll ever have plenty of people who want to read it but you never know until you give it a try! I love your blog and I can’t wait for future posts! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Pineapple Tart says:

      Thank you! Your blog is great so you don’t need to worry about it amounting to anything because I’m sure it will, but like you I do still get those negative thoughts, I’m just glad the positives outweigh the negatives so much!xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lipstick&Luggage says:

    Thank you for following my new blog! I felt exactly the same as you did about starting a blog, but am so happy now I have finally done it! Hope mine makes it as successful as yours! x

    Liked by 1 person

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