My Essential Makeup Products


Hi guys!

First off happy International Women’s Day!

And secondly I want to say a huge huge THANK YOU to everyone that has supported the blog and has enabled me to reach 300 followers! This is such a huge milestone for me and I’m so excited, in order to celebrate I was thinking about doing a Q&A so you can get to know me a bit better! Your questions can be about anything and can be as random or personal as you like, please comment them or email them to me at

Today I’m sharing my essential makeup products with you! I have so many makeup products at this point it’s hard to choose a favourite but I do have my essentials, which I can’t live without, and  I’m showing you those today!


1.Clinique Superbalance Foundation-This is the best foundation I’ve tried, it gives light to medium coverage which is perfect for me. Like it says it’s also great for combination skin like it says, I can honestly say I have no desire to try another foundation! You can see a full review here.


2.BareMinerals ‘Warmth’-This is my favourite product to contour with, it’s really pigmented and goes on beautifully, it blends so well and really helps to define your features. I could sing the praises of this product for ages, it is one of the best makeup products I’ve tried.


3.Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner-This is my go to liner, the applicator is a great shape for creating that perfect ‘wing’, it’s really dark, long-lasting and doesn’t get flaky! It’s definitley one of my essentials (you can see a full review here).


4.BareMinerals Ready Blush ‘The One’-This is such a pretty blush, the colour is perfect and, like all the other BareMinerals products I’ve tried, it goes on brilliantly. My makeup for the day is never complete without this product.


5.Maybelline Matte Maker Pressed Powder ‘Classic Ivory’-I use this as a matte highlighter, it has a really defined colour so is great as a highlighter and goes on really well, it’s definitely an essential of mine.


6.Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara ‘Dark Brown’-I hate having to do high maintenance makeup for my eyebrows on a regular basis, I’m not that great at it and it just takes so long! With this product though I can literally just apply this and I’m good to go!


7.Mally Volumizing Mascara-I don’t tend to stick to one brand of mascara and tend to alternate between a couple that I know agree with my sensitive eyes, but this is a great one that I’ve tried and is definitely an essential of mine at the minute, it absolutely volumises my lashes, another great product.


8.Maybelline ‘The Blushed Nudes’ Palette-This is a newer product I’ve purchased and I love it! The shadows are so pigmented, and go on amazingly! A full review will be coming soon.


9.Collection Speedy Highlighter-This is such a lovely product, the shimmer off it is perfect for me. I apply this across my cheekbones and it looks really good, this is another product I have reviewed which you can find here.


10.Collection Sheer Loose Powder-This finishing powder is really inexpensive and gives a lovely natural looking finish. It keeps my makeup looking fresh all day and really helps to make my skin look more flawless.

So there are my essential makeup products, and remember to leave your questions in the comments!






23 thoughts on “My Essential Makeup Products

  1. kristyhart says:

    Hiya! Lovely post by the way💞X
    Congratulations on hitting over 300 subscribers! 🎉This is an ambition if mine☺️
    I have 5 questions for your Q&A – obviously i dont expect you to answer them all but thought i would give you a selection to pick from 😋
    1) what would your perfect day consist of?
    2) what is one thing you want to do/achieve in your lifetime?
    3) if you were born a boy, what would you of been called?
    4) what is your favourite item of clothing you own?
    5) what were your career aspirations when you were young and what do you do now?

    I cant wait for you to post your Q&A x
    Kristy x

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