Prom Style

249.JPGHi guys!

I hope you’ve all had a good day! We’ve made it halfway through the week so well done guys, haha, just a couple of days until the beauty that is the weekend!

Today I’m sharing a slightly different fashion post with you, I’m sharing a post that is based around prom and, more importantly for the purpose of this post, my prom. One of the things I noticed a few months before prom was that there was so much pressure on finding a dress. The typical style for a Year 11 prom is long flowing dresses that are gorgeous but can be horrifically expensive and just aren’t necessarily right for everyone. While I am now, I wasn’t massively girly two years ago at the time of my prom so I didn’t want a long ultra girly dress, I wanted something that was a bit more me.

In the end I went for vintage, I found this dress by chance at a vintage shop for £40 and I know that it was the perfect dress for me, it wasn’t too girly, but was still feminine and was something a bit different. I’ll admit I did cave with the shoes, I was tempted to wear my DM’s, which my sister is actually considering wearing to her prom, but I did decide to go for the traditional heels look and that worked really well for me.

Basically the aim of this post is to show that if the traditional prom style isn’t for you there are so many alternatives that look really good and that you might find the right outfit in a place you’re not expecting; the most important part of the night is that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing (except if you’re wearing heels, haha). So here is my prom look!




I was even weirder then than I am now, haha



So there is my prom style! As you can see my hair and makeup was also very simple, my mum did it all for me, I knew I wouldn’t like the way my makeup was if I got it professionally done, it’s not for everyone. I hope this helps some of you to find a style you like for prom and shows that going for a slightly different look can look good too! Comments and feedback welcome.





11 thoughts on “Prom Style

  1. sophie15samantha says:

    I love your prom style! I picked up my prom dress today and already I can feel the pressure in school of finding the right dress and looking a certain way. I’ll definitely be doing my makeup myself as I just don’t like how anyone else does it

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