Grunge Look Eyeliner Tutorial


Hello beauties!

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant weekend! If you follow my Instagram then you’ll already know that I went to a family lunch yesterday which was lovely! But today was school again which consisted of two rushed essays and research on religious miracles, fun stuff, haha.

Today I’m sharing a super easy makeup look with you, grunge look eyeliner! While this isn’t a look I wear often anymore, I still love it especially if I’m going for a whole grunge look day, plus it’s so easy it’s hard not to like it! The product I’ve used to create this look is the Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner, because it goes on really nicely and smudges well for looks like this.


1.First apply your makeup as normal, you can apply a light eye shadow as a base or just leave it, I tend to use a neutral coloured eye shadow. Using your eyeliner, line your eye normally starting by the inner corner and going out to the outer corner, it doesn’t matter too much how thick or thin the line is.


2.Using your fingers, a Q-tip or an eye shadow brush start to smudge the eyeliner and blend it out to soften the line. I personally use my finger because I think it smudges and drags the liner out best.

3.Line your lower lash line and smudge and blend it out in the same way that you have for the liner on your eyelid.


4.Using matte black eye shadow, go over your eyeliner, this helps to set and define the liner, if you find that your eyeliner doesn’t look as smudged as you’d like you can use your finger to smudge it slightly more once the eye shadow is on.


5. The last thing you need to do is apply mascara and you’re done! I personally love to pair this up with dark and plum lip colours but it looks great with anything.

So there is my super easy way to achieve grunge look eyeliner, comments and feedback welcome!





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