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Hi guys!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week! I’ve had a rather stressful day so I can’t wait for the weekend and being able to have a bit of time to properly relax. So as I mentioned in my last post I was nominated by That Geeky Girlfriend for the Liebster award, which was so so sweet; I know I said this on Tuesday but you should seriously check out her blog, I love her posts and enjoy reading them so much and I know you guys will love it too, so make sure to take a look!

So I’m not 100% sure if I’m doing this right but I will follow the official rules that I found, of course if I have made a complete balls of this I’d be grateful if you could let me know!

About the Award

  • The Liebster Award exists by bloggers for bloggers. It’s a way to show your appreciation for the blogs you love and help other people find them.
  • “Liebster” comes from German origin and can translate to mean: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart, and boyfriend.

The (Official) Rules

1. thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.

2. display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)

3. answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.

4. provide 11 random facts about yourself.

5. nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)

6. create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.

7. list these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here.) Once you have written and published it, you then have to:

8. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)

So the questions I have been given are:

1.What beauty/makeup product do you consider entirely unnecessary?

This is such a hard question! But I would have to go for eyelash curlers, I know people love them but I personally don’t think it’s a necessary beauty product (I’ll admit I’m terrified I’ll chop off my eyelashes with one), plus you recreate the same effect with a spoon, haha.

2.What do you think people splurge too much on?

Anti-aging products-there is now this obsession with looking eternally youthful, while I’m not influenced by this yet since I’m only 17, I still can’t believe how much people are willing to spend on anti-aging products that haven’t actually been proven to do that much, much less do something that makes them worth the money.

3.What do you think is worth the splurge?

A good foundation-this is a the most expensive beauty product I own, but it’s definitely worth the splurge because it’s so close to my skin.

4.If you could only wear one lipstick color every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? (general color/dream lipstick color, or actual product)

MAC ‘Dubonnet’-My favourite lipstick colour, I feel so powerful when I wear it and quite honestly feel like I could take on the world. I wear it in so many of my posts, but it just amplifies my confidence, a colour I would definitely suggest investing in!

5.What one product that you use regularly would you give up first?

Probably eye shadow, I love doing eye shadow looks and wear it everyday but it would definitely be the first product to go, I don’t think I could do without my others!

6.Besides any video streaming, where do you spend your most time online?

Pinterest, I love it, and may be slightly addicted, I get so much inspiration for makeup, fashion and hair looks from there, plus they have some really cute animal pictures on there, what’s not to like?

7.Who is your beauty icon?

Keiko Lynn-her makeup looks and style is just amazing, she always looks fab and would have to be my beauty icon. Her blog, along with a few others, were definitely what inspired me to start my own blog. If you don’t already follow her blog, check it out here

8.What trend/style are you thinking about trying?

Strobing-I have yet to try this trend but it is definitely something I’m thinking about giving a go, I had only just started contouring when this trend came out so I never bothered with it, but I think I’ll give it ago in the next few weeks (if it’s not worth bothering with, please let me know!)

9.If you subscribe to a subscription box, what would be inside of your ideal box/bag?

I don’t actually subscribe to a subscription box but it is definitely something I would like to look into, if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

10.What’s your favorite word today?

It’s actually my favourite word every day ‘hippopotamus’ is my all time favourite word, I haven’t the faintest idea why, but I just love to say it!

11.What one fact, tip, trick, or reality check, do you think most people need right now?

Let the little things go-at the minute it seems that someone is always complaining or getting worked up about something, including myself, but this is definitely a tip that I think most people need at the minute. I think everyone just needs to calm down a little bit and let things that are bothering you that aren’t that important go.

So now for the 11 facts about me:

  1. I’m only 4’11” tall, which I don’t mind most of the time but I would love to be a few inches taller
  2. I love cats, as you may be able to tell from my instagram, I’m pretty sure I’m a crazy cat lady in the making
  3. I talk all the time, most of the time about nothing, I just love to have a chat
  4. I love winged eyeliner, I do it everyday and feel naked without it, haha
  5. I have an awful memory, I am known for asking someone the same question multiple times, but I tend to remember really random and unimportant crap.
  6. I have a phobia of spiders, I will just run, and maybe cry if they’re really big, thankfully my sister gets rid of them for me!
  7. I wear glasses, but I don’t think I’ve put a single post up of me in my glasses because I prefer to wear contact lenses
  8. My birthday is the 26th May
  9. I’m addicted to ice lollies, especially the Fruit Pastille ones
  10. I can’t cook, but my mum is giving me lessons so I’m prepared to go away for uni, I will be sharing what I’m learning on the blog!
  11. I only started wearing makeup when I was 16, so less than 2 years ago

So the questions I am asking are:

  1. What is your favourite beauty product?
  2. How long have you been blogging for?
  3. If you could only use one makeup/beauty product what would it be?
  4. What is your favourite item of clothing (either a specific piece you own or a general one)?
  5. What do you like most about blogging?
  6. What is one thing that really annoys you?
  7. What is your favourite book?
  8. Where do you get inspiration for your blog posts?
  9. What is your least favourite trend/style?
  10. What is your favourite song at the moment?
  11. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?

So the final part of this post, the bloggers I nominate:

Love from Abbie

Alifya Lifestyle

Racing for Rosé

The Striped Coyote

In Touch with Emmy

So there is the post done!





5 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. That Geeky Girlfriend says:

    Thanks sweetie! And I love your answers!! I have to admit I just said “hippopotamus” about a dozen times. Mom is looking at me weird. So is the cat, for that matter 🙂 I agree on the eyelash curlers especially. I had one, used it twice. Not worth it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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