Contouring for Beginners


Hi guys!

I hope you all had a good Valentine’s day! I spent the day chilling out at home and catching up on ‘First Dates’ episodes that I’ve missed so the day was pretty much perfect for my anti-valentines self!

First off, I have had to set up a new Instagram account, I can’t access the one I was using at all, can’t log in, change the password, nothing, so I’ve had to set up a new one! You can check it out here:thepineappletartblog

So onto the post! I was so late to the contouring game, only learning how to do so about 6 months ago, but I know I’m not the only one who is new to the whole contouring thing, so today I’m sharing a tutorial for contouring for beginners!


The products I’m using for this look are,Bare Minerals-‘Warmth’, Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder-‘Classic Ivory’, Bare Minerals Ready Blush-‘The One’, Collection Speedy Highlighter and Collection Sheer Loose Powder.


The brushes I’ll be using are Real Techniques ‘Expert Face Brush’ and ‘Contour Brush’, Bare Minerals ‘Flawless Face Brush’ and an old No. 7 ‘Eye Shader Brush’ and ‘Powder Brush’.


1.So first apply the base of your makeup as normal, apply your contour colour (Bare Minerals ‘Warmth’) under your cheek bone using an eye shader brush, I find that using this brush ensures you don’t put on too much product and end up looking like you’ve been involved in an explosion at a bronzer factory, haha.


2.Using the Bare Minerals ‘Flawless Face Brush’, or something similar, apply your contour colour to your temples and lightly around your hair line


3.Apply your highlighter colour (Maybelline Mattifying Powder ‘Classic Ivory’), and apply it under your eyes, along your cheek bones, on your chin, down the length of your nose, cupids bow and in your T-zone area, I have done this by using a powder brush


4. Start to blend the product so this it is still noticeable but doesn’t look harsh, I have used my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to do this, keep blending until you’re satisfied with how it looks


5.To finish this apply the Collection Sheer Loose Powder all over your face and apply a light amount of blusher (Bare Minerals ‘The One’) on the apples of your cheeks and drag up to follow the line of your contour, I do this using the Real Techniques Contour brush. Finish your makeup as usual and use the Collection Speedy Highlighter along your cheek bones to help you get a slightly dewy look and you’re done!

So there’s my contour for beginners, comments and feedback welcome!






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