How to Conceal Dark Circles Effectively

dark circles

Hi guys!

I hope your Saturday has been good! So tomorrow I will have a Valentine’s day themed makeup look up, but since I’ve been so absent this week I thought I would upload another post today!

Before I get started with the actual post I just want to quickly talk about my social media accounts! So I’ve recently started using Instagram and have started using Pinterest for the blog rather than just personal use. I’m finally getting the hang of the whole Instagram thing, I’ll admit I had to google more about how to use it than I should for someone my age, haha, but I think I’ve finally cracked it! On Pinterest you can expect links to my latest posts and also some things I’m loving at the minute, and Instagram will be more of an incite into my life (prepare to be bombarded by photos of my cat, haha) as well as being kept up to date with future posts. So it would mean a lot to me if you guys would follow me!


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So onto the post! I always have dark circles under my eyes, so finding a method of concealing them well is something that is really important to me. I’d seen this method a few times on Facebook etc. but it wasn’t until my mum mentioned it that I gave it a go, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve changed it up a bit to find a way that’s the most effective for me so here it is!


1.Wash and prime your face as normal, and apply red lipstick under your eye over your dark circles


2.Blend the lipstick out with our fingers so it becomes a lighter red colour


3.Apply foundation as normal, make sure to cover all the lipstick though-I tend to use an eye shadow blending brush to apply the foundation over the lipstick


4.If you find your dark circles aren’t quite covered after applying your foundation, finish it off with concealer or for repeat the previous steps to ensure full coverage


5.Add highlighter under the eye and finish your makeup off as normal

So there’s a super easy way to cover up dark circles under your eyes, comments and feedback welcome!





18 thoughts on “How to Conceal Dark Circles Effectively

  1. kristyhart says:

    I had heard of this before but didn’t believe it would work. You have proved me wrong! 😏💜 great post!
    Thanks for following btw hun, I’ve followed you back 😊
    Kristy x

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