Clinique Superbalanced Foundation Review


Hi guys!

I hope you’re all having a great week so far! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a few days but I’ve been ill again! Today I’m sharing a product review with you, I was meant to be doing a Valentine’s themed makeup post but believe me I’m doing everyone a favour by not showing you my face right now, haha, so that will be up this weekend!

So today’s review is on Clinique’s Superbalanced foundation! I’ve recently changed foundation from Max Factors FaceFinity foundation (you can see the review here) to this Clinique one. I changed my foundation, partly just to see if there was another foundation I preferred, but also because this foundation is designed for combination skin which I thought may work better for me.


One thing I love about this foundation is how long lasting it is. When I say it lasts all day I really mean it; it’s brilliant! This is the most durable foundation I have tried by far, it looks almost as good when I get home in the evening as when I first applied it in the morning, so if your foundation being long lasting is important to you then this shouldn’t disappoint.

I think it provides really nice coverage, I would say the coverage is light to medium so I if you’re looking for something to provide you with full coverage then this probably isn’t the foundation for you. The product is buildable though which is great, and it still looks natural which is another huge plus. I personally like the coverage this foundation provides and think that it’s just right for me as it covers the majority of blemishes and anything it doesn’t cover can be fixed with a bit of concealer.

Another thing I like about this foundation is that, like it says, it does work well for combination skin, or at least for mine it does. I have a really oily T-zone and I tend to get quite dry skin on the lower half of my face around my jaw and chin, I think this really does work well for both the oily and dry areas on my skin. It definitely helps to control how oily my T-zone is and also stays on the oilier areas of my face no problem, which other foundations I have tried haven’t. As for the areas of my face which are prone to dry skin, I’ve found it’s really good for not drying out the areas further. I think it’s a really good foundation if you have quite difficult skin like mine. 

Another positive is the number of shades this product comes in! There are 20 shades which is great, especially for someone that has fair skin like me because it’s so hard to find a shade light enough! I am using the shade Alabaster, that should give you an indication of how pale I am, haha, but the variety of shades is definitely a huge advantage for this product in my eyes!

While I have so many positives about this product, I do still have one element I don’t like, I hate the packaging! As you can see from the second photo it doesn’t have a pump or proper applicator, this really bothers me because the shape of the bottle means that getting the product out can be quite difficult. This can be remedied by using something to get the product out, I’m currently using a pump from an old foundation as a dipstick, so this isn’t necessarily a huge problem but for the price I did expect better packaging. 

Overall I would highly recommend this product, the foundation is lovely, lightweight and long lasting, and provides a nice coverage. Despite the packaging it’s still a great product!

Comments and feedback are welcome! 


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