Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial


Hi guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, lets just say I was a little worse for wear on Sunday, haha, and yesterday I was also ill! Thankfully I’m feeling better today and am able to share a new post with you!

So on Saturday night I went to my friends party to celebrate her 18th birthday, I chose a smokey eye look, similar to the look I am about to show you. What I’m sharing with you today is a simple smokey eye; we’ve all seen those magnificent smokey eye looks on Facebook, Pinterest etc. but for many of us, me included, that isn’t really a viable option. So here is a smokey eye for those of you who are just starting out with this look!

For this eye shadow look I’m using a Ted Baker palette that came as part of a gift set, the Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Grey palette and this Bare Minerals shadow in ‘Cultured Pearl’


smokey eye


1.So first prime your eyes and put a mid-grey (1) eye shadow all across your eyelid and apply the lightest colour (2) on your brow bone and at the inner corner of your eye by the tear duct

Ribbet collage

2.Apply a dark matt colour (3) to the crease of your eye and then blend out to get rid of harsh lines


3.Next, apply the same colour to the outer corner of your eye and into the outer edge of the crease, make this colour dark as it adds to the smokey look, and blend it up and out towards your eyebrow


4.Once you’ve done that I would recommend applying a dark slightly sparkly eye shadow (4) to the outer corner of your eye on top of the matt colour, again layer this up so it is dark and blend out to give you a proper smokey effect


5.Finish this off with simple winged eyeliner and apply colour (2) along your lower lash line, apply mascara and you’re done!


So there is a simple smokey eye! I will upload some more advanced and dramatic looks in the future so keep a look out for those, feedback and comments are welcome!



If you liked this and want to see more about check out my instagram or pinterest!


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