50 Little Things to be Happy About


Hi guys!

Happy Friday! I’m so glad it’s the weekend again, and can’t wait to get it started. I’m heading to a party tomorrow night for one of my best friends 18th birthday which I’m really looking forward to, I will be sharing the tutorial for my makeup and a post about my outfit later this week so keep an eye out!

Today though I am sharing with you 50 thing to be happy about, I recently came across this book called ’14 000 Things to be Happy About’, while I didn’t buy the book it did give me the idea to share 50 little things I think we can be happy about. There are obviously some really important things to be happy and grateful for such as family, friends, good health and good fortune but I thought I’d share some of the smaller things in life to be happy about!

  1. The existence of chocolate (I think about how happy chocolate makes me at least once a day so it was definitely going on here, haha)
  2. Lazy/PJ days
  3. Snow
  4. Books
  5. Having a hot shower when it’s cold
  6. Having a nap
  7. Your favourite sweets
  8. Painting your nails
  9. Nailing winged eyeliner
  10. Sunny days
  11. When the flowers start to come out in spring
  12. Finding a new TV show you love
  13. Your pets
  14. Funny animal videos
  15. The smell of freshly cut grass
  16. Getting organised
  17. Hugs
  18. Taking off your shoes after a long day
  19. Trying something new and finding you really like it
  20. The colour yellow
  21. Not having to iron
  22. Having a good nights sleep
  23. Knowing you don’t have to get up in the morning if you don’t want to
  24. Having really good steak
  25. Having a freshly made bed
  26. Eating something you’ve baked while it’s still warm
  27. Reading a motivating/uplifting quote
  28. Having freshly shaved legs
  29. Having a makeup free day
  30. Realising it’s still really early in the day when you don’t want it to end
  31. Listening to a great new song on the radio
  32. Watching reruns of your favourite TV show
  33. Staying in on rainy days
  34. Getting up easily in the morning
  35. Your phone being fully charged
  36. Having a really nice meal out
  37. A stranger being friendly to you
  38. New stationary
  39. Someone coming to you for advice
  40. A cold glass of water in summer
  41. It being warm enough to go out without a coat for the first time
  42. Looking at old photos
  43. Doing something spontaneous
  44. Cats purring
  45. Finding something you lost
  46. Proving that you’re right in an argument
  47. Being comfortable
  48. Having a bath
  49. A fry up in the morning
  50. Spending the day with your favourite people

So there are 50 little things I think we can be happy about, what little things make you happy? I’d love to hear them! Comments and feedback welcome!



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