Perfect Winged Eyeliner-Tips & Tricks


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I hope you all had a brilliant weekend and a good Monday!

So today I’m sharing my top tips to get perfect winged eyeliner! I love winged eyeliner and wear it almost everyday so I have tried countless methods and tricks to find a way I like and will get me good results, you can see my method for winged eyeliner here. This post is just some really good tricks and methods I’ve tried, some of which I still use, to help me to get perfect winged eyeliner!


1.Dots-One tip I find really useful is to put a dot on each eye where you want your flick to end. This helps you to ensure the wings are the same length which is something that can be a struggle, especially if you are new to winged eyeliner; once you’ve drawn the dots in the correct place you can draw a line from the corner of your eye to the dot and then fill in the eyeliner as normal!


2.Concealer-I bloody hate it when I’ve nearly got my eyeliner perfect and my hand slips making a right mess towards the end, I do this at least twice a week, but I have found a great way to erase mistakes. All I do is put some concealer or foundation on a Q-tip and go over the eyeliner that needs erasing, it’s so quick and easy and definitely makes me less stressed over making mistakes


3.Tape-This is the method I first used when I started experimenting with wined eyeliner, I had a horribly unsteady hand and couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life, while I can do that now after lots of practice I found that this method definitely helped me to do so. All you do is draw a line along the tape and fill in your eyeliner as normal, then remove the tape and you’re done! This also works really well for eye shadow if you want to ensure you don’t get residue under your eyes


4.Lines-This is a good method for those just starting out who can’t quite seem to get the flick of their eyeliner right. All you do is line your eye as normal and draw a straight line out from the outer corner of your eye, then open your eye and join the eyeliner by drawing a straight line across from the angled line to the top of the liner over your eye, and fill it in. This can take a bit of practice but is an easy method!


5.Spoon-This is probably the weirdest trick I have but it’s a good one, you need a teaspoon to do this, you use the handle of your spoon to enable you to get a straight line coming out from your eyelid by placing it at the edge of the eye, when you’ve done this position the spoon so that a curve is created between the line and your eyelid and draw round it, after that you just line your eye as normal and your’re sorted!

So there are my top tips and tricks for getting your perfect eyeliner, while I can’t guarantee it will be quite how you want it every single time I find that these methods make it so much more likely that it will turn out as planned. Any feedback and comments are welcome!



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