What’s in my Bag


Hi guys!

Happy Friday! I love the feeling I get on a Friday night knowing I have the weekend ahead, I don’t care if I’m up and out early or if I’m staying in all day, I just love the weekend!


So today I’m doing a post about what’s in my bag, I did a post about what was in my makeup bag a little while ago which you guys seemed to like so I thought I’d share with you what is in my everyday bag, the bag featuring in this post is from Accessorize. While I do love to change up my bag regularly I pretty much always have the same bits with me, I’m a creature of habit, haha.


So the first thing I put in my bag is always this soft pencil case, I use this to keep all my small essential items in so they’re easy to transfer from bag to bag. So in here I have:

Lip Balm(Body Shop)-at the minute I have the Body Shop’s Born Lippy pot lip balm, I like to have a pot of lip balm with me especially during winter, and this one is really nice to use so I would definitely recommend getting it

Comb-I always like to have a comb with me, you never know when you might need it, and having a fringe means that I’ll most likely need it at some point, the comb that’s currently in my bag is one I got from a hotel when I was in china, but Primark sell some very inexpensive combs that are great for your bag

Bobby pins and Hair Tie-again, you never know when you might need one, so I find it’s always it good to have a few pins and a hair tie with me

Pen (Primark)-Just another useful thing to have, I always need a pen when I don’t have one so I’ve no taken to making sure I always have one with me

Lip Gloss (Boots)-I always make sure to have a neutral colour lip gloss with me, at the Minute I have the Natural Collection Juicy Lips Gloss in Vanilla, it adds just enough colour which is great and I looks super nice on, so I always make sure to have it in my bag

Mirror (Primark)-It’s just really useful to have in your bag, it makes reapplying lipstick, checking my makeup, checking I haven’t got food all over my face, much easier if I don’t have to look for a bathroom with mirrors low enough for me to see in, haha

Body Spray (Boots)-I love having a body spray with me; you never know when you might need to freshen up. I currently have this Ted Baker body spray from boots in my bag, it smells so good and the small size makes it perfect to keep in your bag, I would definitely recommend buying this spray

Nail File (Superdrug)-Having a nail file on me is something I find really useful, I wear skirts and dresses most days so having a nail file on is great because it means if my nails break I am able to file it down before I snag it on my tights and end up ruining another pair

Contact lenses-I have a spare pair of these with me all the time just because it’s easier than carrying round my glasses with me


Purse (Accessorize)-I got this purse for Christmas and love it, it’s got so much space in it which is brilliant because it means I can keep anything important in there without losing it. I love how vibrant the colour is too; it’s just such a great purse!


Umbrella (Amazon)-I live in sunny old England, so unfortunately this is definitely a necessity. This is such a pretty brolly, it looks and is shaped like a sunflower which is probably my favourite flower. Plus it’s one of those fancy ones with a button to make it open and close which I also love too, haha


Phone (Case-Amazon)-I never leave without my phone, which I’m pretty sure is the same as most of you! I don’t know what I’d do without my phone, I feel so much safer if I have it when I’m out, and if I see something worth photographing it’s also pretty useful to have at hand. The case I have on it I bought on Amazon from a brand called Jammy Lizard, they were pretty inexpensive and it provides pretty good protection for my phone, I would definitely recommend their cases.


Blusher (Bare Minerals)-I always have blusher in my bag, especially if I’m going out all day. Blusher is probably one of my favourite makeup pieces because I think it can make you look so much more refreshed, so this is why I always try to have it in my bag if I’m out for a large portion of the day. I would definitely recommend this blusher; I have sung it’s praises before in my ‘What’s in my Make-Up Bag’ post, but it’s a great blusher that’s very pigmented, I would highly recommend it!

Lipstick (Clinique-Nude Pop)-The last thing I tend to always have in my bag is whatever lipstick I’m wearing, recently my favourite has been this Clinique one which I have done a review on here. I hate to leave the house without the lipstick I’m wearing because I hate not being able to freshen it up when I need to, lipstick is definitely an essential to my handbag.

And the final thing you’ll find in any of my bags is a load of crap at the bottom, this includes old receipts, sweet wrappers, more hair ties and bobby pins, just a load of rubbish. And the chances are I’ll probably have put a chocolate bar in there for me to snack on at some point, I do love a bit of chocolate, haha.

So that’s a summary of the content of my bag, and what I consider to be essential everyday items to bring with me, comments and feedback are welcome!





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