Mad as a Hatter

Hi guys!

I hope you’ve all had a good few days, I have been enjoying the last couple of days of relaxation before I head back to school. As some of you may notice I’ve revamped the blog a bit, what do you guys think of the change? I have also got Instagram and going to use it to start promoting the blog so please check it out the_pineapple_tart!

So for Christmas my mum bought me this lovely hat! It’s the first time I’ve had a proper chance to wear it. I love the fact it’s such a vibrant colour and I can’t wait to wear it out more especially as the weather gets better and there’s less of a risk of it flying away, which I learned was not the case today, haha. Hats are definitely a new accessory for me, but it’s definitely one I am loving, and I can’t wait to build up this collection. Any comments and feedback are welcome! Outfit details at the bottom.





IMG_3688 (2)



Lipstick-Clinique ‘Nude Pop’

Hat-TK Maxx


Jacket- New Look



Boots-TU at Sainsbury’s



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