Yellow Coat

Hi guys!

Two posts in two days, I am apparently making up for lost time! Yesterday my mum, sister and I decided to hit the sales and do a bit of shopping and it was definitely a successful trip! My favourite purchase from yesterday would have to be this yellow coat. I had seen this coat two months ago and fell madly in love with it, but it was slightly out of my price range (by slightly I do of course mean massively, haha);  fortunately I came across it yesterday and since it was the only one in the shop and was my size I’m counting it as fate. As you can see I wasted no time in wearing it, and wore it out today, outfit details will be at the bottom!






Lipstick-Clinique ‘Nude Pop’



Shoes-London Rebel


2 thoughts on “Yellow Coat

  1. mainellss says:

    I love the coat! Such a great colour. I feel like yellow is so underrated, people shy away from it, but seriously, yellow (when done correctly) is so nice! I love mustard yellow! Favourite shade.

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