Christmas Inspired Make-Up


Hi guys!

For those of you who celebrate it, Christmas is getting really close now and I’m getting so excited! We finished putting up our decorations yesterday so I will be sharing pictures of that sometime this week. Today I’m sharing a Christmas inspired make-up tutorial, I am using my favourite eye shadow palette the Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Grey;   the gold colour eye shadows and red lips help to give this make-up a Christmassy feel and is definitely going to be one I frequently use over this festive season! Any comments and feedback are welcome!



1)First prime your eyes and apply the highlighter (1) to your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye, then apply the gold colour (2) to your eyelid and to your lower lash line, be generous with the amount you apply to your eye lid because the more amplified the colour the better it looks.


2)Use the second darkest colour (3) and apply to the crease and the outer v of your eyelid and blend out, this helps to define your eyes and makes the gold stand out more.


3)Apply the darkest colour (4) to the outer v and blend out; this gives the look a slightly smoky effect that makes your eyes stand out more as well as giving the look a more polished finish and minimises harsh lines.


4)Finish your eyes off with winged eyeliner, a tutorial for which you can find here, and apply mascara and do your eyebrows.


The second part of my Christmas inspired make-up is the lips, the lip gloss I use has actually been discontinued, however, Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie Lip Gloss in Game Changer is a pretty good match. The first step is to line your lips, I use Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Liner, and then apply my lip colour, I personally do this with the Real Techniques Detailer Brush, and once you’ve done that you’re good to go!




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