Ten-Second Top Knot Tutorial

IMG_3589 (2)

Hi guys!

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for a ten-second top knot! As you may have guessed I love quick and easy hair and make-up; while I do love to spend a considerably longer amount of time doing my hair and make-up on weekends, I find that during the week all I’m interested in is something hassle free that still looks good. Since I leave the house at 7:30 every morning I find that easy buns are my go to, and this ten-second top knot looks lovely and is super quick! Not only is this bun good for convenience purposes, it is also a good style for those with long hair, like myself; it holds all your hair in place and leaves it with a great wave once you take it out. Definitely a favourite!


1.First put your hair up into a simple ponytail and split it into two sections and twist the first section tightly.


2.Pin the top of the twisted section to your hairband, this helps to keep the hair in place and prevents any irritating bumps when you’ve finished the bun.


3.Then wrap the twisted piece of hair round the ponytail and pin in place.

IMG_3590 (2)

4.Repeat these steps on the second half of the ponytail and you’re done!

So like I said a really quick and easy hairstyle! Any comments and feedback are gladly welcomed!




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