Product Review: Max Factor Face Finity

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Hi guys!

So today I am sharing a product review with you! I have recently changed my foundation from Bare Minerals Original to Max Factor Face Finity; I was sceptical about changing because I loved my Bare Minerals foundation but wanted to try a liquid foundation, and so far I like the change.

In my opinion this foundation gives me a light to medium coverage. I have found it covers spots and redness really well but dark circles under the eyes are still very visible so I would definitely recommend using a concealer to provide a better coverage there. However, despite the fact it does not cover dark circles very well, it provides just enough coverage for me on a daily basis and isn’t too heavy on my skin.

I have found that 3 pumps are enough to provide me with decent coverage without making me look orange, haha. I found that applying this foundation with a buffing brush works really well, but I personally think applying this foundation with your fingers works best because it reduces the chances of streaks and the foundation goes on really smoothly.

This foundation also makes it really easy to apply make-up over it, such as contouring, blusher, powder etc. I find it’s really good because it dries really quickly, I have tried foundations before that I found really sticky but that definitely isn’t a problem with this one. Another positive is that it wears really well, it lasts for ages and I can get away with not reapplying it over the day, which I think is a huge bonus because I hate having to reapply my make-up!

I would recommend this foundation for those with normal to oily skin like myself; it is not particularly moisturising and I found that it can dry out your skin if you do not moisturise properly or if you already have dry skin on your face. I would also avoid using this particular foundation if you suffer from acne and have spot prone skin; my sister also tried this foundation and found that it caused her skin to break out a lot more than normal so she has since stopped using it. This foundation is great though if you have relatively clear skin, and I have found that it has not caused my skin to break out any more than it usually would.

Overall I would definitely recommend this foundation, it’s not too heavy or greasy, provides good coverage and is not too expensive; if you’re looking for a new foundation I would definitely give this one a try!

I hope you have found this review useful, any feedback and comments are gladly welcome! I will also be putting up a hair tutorial this weekend, so please stop by and check it out!




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