What’s In My Make-Up Bag


Hi guys!

Today I’ve decided to share with you what’s in my make-up bag! In my make-up bag I tend to carry round my essentials and a few favourites, but what goes in there always seems to be growing, haha. I thought this would be good to share so I can show you what I consider to be my favourite and essential products and explain a bit about why!


  • MaxFactor FaceFinity foundation ‘Warm Almond’-This is my current foundation and I really like it, it goes on really well and provides me with good coverage in addition to wearing well. I will be doing a full review of this product soon!
  • Seventeen Stay Time Concealer ‘Fair’-I love this concealer, partly because it’s so inexpensive but also because it provides good coverage, goes in easily and lasts for ages. This can be used to cover dark circles under the eyes as well as to conceal spots. I have also found that this concealer works really well as a highlighter if you use it in the shade lighter than you would usually. This is one of my favourites and is always one of the first things to go in my make-up bag!
  • Bare Minerals All Over Face Colour ‘Warmth’- I use this for contouring, it’s so good to create definition , it also works well if you don’t have blusher because the colour is really rich and strong so by applying more you are able to add some colour to your face, hence why it’s a staple of mine.
  • Bare Minerals Ready Blusher ‘The One’-I love this blusher, it goes on so nicely, the colour is really strong, and it lasts for ages, is it any wonder it’s in my make-up bag?
  • Bare Minerals All Over Face Colour ‘True’-This is a great highlighter, it is pink shade so applying this to your cheek bones and where you have blusher works really well as it just adds a bit more of a glow to your face which is really flattering all year round.
  • Bare Minerals Mineral Veil-My favourite setting powder, it gives you a lovely finish and gets rid of any harsh lines, it also helps to keep your make-up looking fresh and last longer, it’s definitely worth putting in your make-up bag!

IMG_3592 (2)

  • Collection Eyes Uncovered ‘Nude Grey’ Palette-I love the colours in this, I think they’re great for everyday use as well as for a night out. You can find a tutorial for everyday use here
  • Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner-I really like this particular eyeliner for several reasons, 1) the colour is really bold and opaque, 2) the brush makes application really easy and makes winging your liner so much simpler because of the shape, and 3) it lasts for ages before it gets clumpy etc., definitely a product I would recommend (you can find a tutorial for winged eyeliner here).
  • Seventeen Maximum Volume Mascara ‘Black’-This mascara is my favourite, I really struggle with mascara because I have sensitive eyes but I have found that this is a really good one, it isn’t clumpy when you apply it either, which is brilliant.
  • Maybelline Brow Drama ‘Dark Brown’-Using this is a quick, no nonsense way to do your eyebrows, it takes less than a minute to do them thanks to how strong the colour is. This will always be in my make-up bag because it’s the easiest way to do my brows.


  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush-I love this brush for applying foundation because it helps it go on so smoothly, it is also great to help blend in your concealer; it’s probably my favourite brush so it is always going to be in my make-up bag.
  • Bare Minerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush-This is a great brush to apply concealer with, it ensures you get the best coverage from your concealer, and is just generally a great brush.
  • Real Techniques Contouring Brush-This is great for contouring as it allows you to create definition due to the fact it is the perfect size to define your cheek bones and other parts of your face, definitely an essential.
  • Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush-This is great to apply blusher with because of the size and shape, it’s just a great brush to have in your make-up bag.
  • Real Techniques Powder Brush-This brush is brilliant to blend anything and get rid of any harsh lines or colours, it’s a really useful and versatile brush, and one I would highly recommend.
  • No. 7 Eye Shadow Brush and the Look Good Feel Good Angled Blending Brush-I’ve put these brushes together because I consider them to be my essential eye make-up brushes, I think I can do pretty much any eye simple eye shadow look by simply using these two brushes, they are great for applying and blending the colours and are simply great brushes to have. The only eye make-up brushes I view as essential to my make-up bag.

So that was a long one, but there is what I keep in my make-up bag! If you want to know anything else about the products I use then please contact me, and any feedback and comments are appreciated.




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