Basic Eye Shadow

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Hi guys!

I hope you’re all having a good week and had a good weekend! We had a very welcome relaxing weekend after a manic week with school, university applications and general craziness, haha.

Today I’m sharing a basic eye shadow tutorial; this is so easy and simple and really good for everyday use as it is minimal fuss. I am using the Collection Eyes Uncovered ‘Nude Grey’ Palette, I love this palette because it is inexpensive and the colour goes on really well; it’s also one of the few brands of make-up whose eye products I can use as I have sensitive eyes, so I would really recommend this eye shadow palette. I only use two brushes for this, a No. 7 Eye Shadow Brush and the Look Good Feel Good Angled Blending Brush. As always any comments or feedback is welcome!

IMG_3505IMG_3509 (2) s

1. So first I prime my eyes, I currently use a primer that came with a Mally eye shadow I have, I think it’s really good so I would definitely recommend Mally’s primer. I apply the primer on my eye lid up to my eyebrow

IMG_34762. Then, using the No. 7 eye shadow brush, I apply the highlighter colour (1) to my brow bone as it helps to create more definition to your eyebrows, as well as applying it to the inner corner of my eye.

IMG_34783. Then I apply the lightest colour (2) to my eyelid, I do this in as sweeping motion across the whole of the eyelid


4. Next you use the second darkest colour (3), I apply this to the crease of my eye and bring it to the outer corner and then blend it out with the blending brush, I find this softens out harsh lines and helps to add more definition to your eyes


5. The final step is to apply the darkest colour (4) to the outer corner, I do this using my No. 7 brush and apply it in a crescent shape following the outer corner of my eye, I then use the blending brush to blend this with the rest of my eye shadow and to minimise the contrast in colours and create a more polished finish, I use the brush in circular motions moving out from my eye to create further definition

IMG_3499 (2)

And that’s my simple eye shadow look finished, I often finish this off with winged eye liner, a tutorial for which you can find here, and mascara and you’re done!


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