Top Tips for Growing Out a Fringe

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Hi guys!

I thought I’d share with you my tips for growing out your fringe as this is something I am currently doing; I have had a full fringe for 4ish years and have finally decided to commit to growing it out. While this is a lengthy process I have found a few things really help to keep your fringe under control while getting past the awkward stage without getting a haircut.

  • Invest in bobby/hair pins-These are a life saver! They are so good to keep your fringe out of your face and secure your hair quickly, while you’re growing out a fringe these will become your new best friend. Bobby pins work really well both when your hair is up and down to just clip your hair out of your way, most of the time I just pull my fringe back and secure it with 3 or 4 pins; so you really can’t go wrong if you use them. If you only take one thing from this post, I really hope it’s how useful bobby pins are when growing out your fringe.
  • Use hairspray-Like bobby pins, hairspray is great for securing your fringe when it’s pinned back; it massively helps to keep your fringe in one place and stops any shorter bits, which you’re bound to have at the beginning, from coming free and decorating your forehead.
  • Braids-French braids in particular, french braiding your fringe secures the pieces of hair much better than just clipping it back. This can be quite tricky in the beginning due to the fact the hair is short, but once you learn to do it, it is so great for growing out your fringe and keeping it out of your face; as well as making it look like you’ve put a lot more effort into your hair than you have.
  • Twist it-Again, this really helps to stop bits of your fringe from coming free, by simply twisting your fringe and pinning it, your hair will be out of your way all day and won’t bother you, to secure this further I would suggest using a bit of hairspray.
  • Be patient-Believe me I know this can seem like an endless process, and you might want to just give in and get your fringe cut again, but speaking from experience you will probably regret it! As someone who has done this multiple times, once you have your fringe back you’ll be kicking yourself because all that time you spent growing it out has gone to waste, so be patient!

So these are my top tips for growing out your fringe, and comments or feedback would be welcome and I hope these have helped!


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