Winged Eyeliner

IMG_3110 Hi guys!

I thought I’d do a make-up post today and do one of my staple make-up looks, winged eyeliner. I absolutely love this style of eyeliner because it’s so versatile and can be worn as both a day and night look. I don’t have the most conventional way of doing winged eyeliner but it does make getting good results easy and it works really well for me so I thought I’d share. Any feedback would be really appreciated!

IMG_31001) I start my eyeliner by drawing an angled line starting at the corner of my eye, and repeat this on the other eye making sure they are at the same angle and length. Unlike most other methods I do a basic outline of my eyeliner before I put any of my other make-up on, which is weird but really helps you to get the shape you want because it makes correcting the shape easier as you don’t have foundation smudging or being removed.


2) I then join the angled line to my eyelid. I do this by starting somewhere in the middle of the line I’ve drawn because if you start at the end it can sometimes thicken the wing too much and get rid of the wing effect. I build up the thickness of the wing gradually when forming the wing because this reduces the chances of a mistake.


3) To finish of my eyeliner I line the rest of my eye starting near my tear duct and finishing where the wing meets my eyelid.


4) Then I do the rest of my makeup, so foundation, blusher, eye shadow etc.

5) To finish this look, I simply go over the outline for winged eyeliner and put on some mascara.


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